Macaron Rainbow :: Bottega Louie, Los Angeles

Have you ever stepped into a restaurant and literally just fell in love? Well that’s how we felt when we stepped into Bottega Louie for the first time.

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pink-location-iconLocation :: Los Angles, California

We first heard about Bottega Louie through bloggers (Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor and Julie Sarinana of Sincerely, Jules are regulars) and have been on our to-go list since forever. With colourful macarons housed in pretty pink boxes filling my Instagram feed, how could these treats not win us over?

A restaurant, gourmet market, bakery and café, Bottega Louie offers a range of sweet and savoury treats as well as an extensive menu of delicious-looking Italian food. Since bloggers usually just take pics of their food (we’re guilty of that too), we rarely get a glimpse of what the interior of the restaurant. So when we stepped into the restaurant, I was taken back by the grand interior with high ceilings, huge windows allowing plenty of natural light in and gold rococo-themed decorations.

We really wanted to sit down for lunch (seeing endless delicious food coming out of the open kitchen didn’t help), but because of our dogs, we had to save it for another trip. Thanks to the mesmerizing rows and rows of sweets, we were instantly entranced and forgot how much we wanted lunch.  From pastries to mini cakes, everything was lined up prettily waiting for people like me to take home. But since my day had already been filled with ice-cream and cupcakes, we stuck to our mission and just grabbed a box of macarons that patiently awaited for us.

By now you know we’re quite the macaron fanatics, so we know what we like when it comes to the all things macarons. We may have to blame the fact that we recently tried top tier macarons during our Hong Kong/Japan trip, so to be honest, we found the macarons here subpar (there is also the possibility that our taste buds tired out after a day of sweets). Nonetheless, Bottega Louie is a must-visit. Even though the macarons were a bit disappointing, the pastries and cakes looked so scrumptious making it enough of a reason for us to come back and sit down for a nice lunch. Oh, what I’d do to visit Los Angeles right now.

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Bottega Louie (click for map)
700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles
California, United States
t: 213.802.1470
h: Monday to Thurdsday: 6:30 AM to 11:oo PM ; Friday: 6:30 AM to 12:00 AM ; Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12 AM ; Sunday: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

S’more Lovin’ :: Sprinkles Ice-Cream, Beverley Hills

sprinkles ice cream sprinkles ice cream sprinkles ice cream menusprinkles ice cream sundaelos angeles sprinkles cupcakelos angeles sprinkles ice creamsprinkles ice cream sprinkles ice cream sprinkles ice cream sundaesprinkles ice cream

pink-location-iconLocation :: Beverley Hills, Los Angeles

Discount shopping and palm trees aside, Sprinkles Cupcakes is the sole reason we headed to Los Angeles. So the minute we landed in LAX, we drove straight to The Grove (the most beautiful outdoor mall to exist) to do some shopping/grab a box of cupcakes for the perfect post-flight snack. My sister and I are not cupcake fans. It’s probably one of the last desserts we would actually reach for. But a Sprinkles cupcakes? You might lose a hand while serving us. You’ve been warned.

We’ve been itching to try Sprinkles’ s’mores cupcake for as long as we can remember. Every time we had visited LA, we would miss it by a week. One year we even missed it by a day. So when we found out the marshmallow goodness was offered as the special flavour of the month, we seized the moment and had it four times on our four-day trip. I wish I could say I was joking.

But as much as I love to talk about cupcakes (I’ve already professed my love for these sweets here), I’m going to turn the attention over to the ice cream brand they opened up a couple of years ago. After our morning walk at Santa Monica Beach, we drove straight to Sprinkles Ice-Cream on Santa Monica Boulevard (the cupcake and ice-cream parlours are right next door to each other) for a pre-lunch sweet because #yolo, am I right?  As soon as we entered the retro-looking shop, we turned into little kids bouncing from the menu wall to the ice-cream counter and back again. Before we even finished reading the menu, my sister decided on her usual Rocky Road while I went for their famous Sprinkles sundae, which is basically a cupcake split in half and ice-cream stuffed in between. Sounds divine right? Well it was.  But looking back for #foodporn sake, I wish I had chosen a chocolate marshmallow cupcake (our second fave flavour) instead. You know, so the Sprinkles’ signature dot can be in the shot. Since I wasn’t thinking with my head, but with my stomach, I chose the s’mores flavour, again. Though I didn’t find anything too special about the ice-cream (ice-cream is ice-cream), I still definitely recommend the sundae because, needless to say, a Sprinkles cupcake can make all your troubles go away.

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Sprinkles Ice-Cream (map)
9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90210
t: 310.274.8765
h: Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM; Sunday 10 AM to 8 PM

Santa Monica Beach

santa monica beach street stylesanta monica beach street stylesanta monica beach street style mulberry lanvinsanta monica beach street stylesanta monica beach street style

pink-location-iconLocation :: Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier was as picturesque as I had imagined. Having only seen it from afar in the past (and when I mean afar, I mean in TV shows and films), standing there on the pier was surreal. Although we’ve visited Los Angeles many times, we’ve never been to Santa Monica Beach. So this time around making sure it was on the itinerary, we drove to the pier and brought our doggies along for the ride. While the smell of the salt water (and fried food) made our hearts race, the dogs weren’t as excited with waves crashing into shore like a thunderstorm on repeat.

Packing a maxi dress was one of the best decisions I made prior to the trip. With the sun blazing down on us, the breezy chiffon material provided ample amount of coolness as I walked on the beach. From the mixed print to the asymmetrical hem of the skirt to the frilly trimming in the bodice, everything about this dress makes me smile. If I could change one thing about this ensemble though, I would exchange my ballet flats for a pair of gladiators for that perfect lady-meets-edgy look. I guess I’ll have to save that for another post!

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.: Outfit :.
Dress :: Anthropologie (on sale now!)
Bag :: Mulberry
Flats :: Lanvin (love these here)
Sunglasses :: Anthropologie (same style here)

Green With Envy :: Harajuku Crepe, Beverley Hills

los angeles harajuku crepe cafelos angeles harajuku crepe cafelos angeles harajuku crepe cafelos angeles harajuku crepe cafe green tea ice-cream crepeslos angeles harajuku crepe cafe

pink-location-iconLocation :: Beverley Hills, Los Angeles

Since our return from Tokyo, my sister and I have been on the hunt for Harajuku crepes that taste remotely close to the ones we had at Cafe Crepe. While we did find one place in Toronto that can suppress our cravings for the time being, it definitely doesn’t measure up to the authentic ones in Japan. #sorrynotsorry

So when we heard about Beverley Hill’s Harajuku Crepe, we knew we had to pay a little visit during our latest trip to the Golden Coast. Aside from the fact that the café was only two streets away from Rodeo Drive (hello shopping snack!), the real reason we decided to hit it up was that it offered green tea-flavoured crepes. And knowing how much we love green tea-flavoured food (green tea latte, green tea kit kat, green tea Pocky and you get the idea), you can see why we made sure this dessert pit stop was on our itinerary. (FYI crepes also come in other flavours like chocolate, earl grey and buckwheat if green tea ain’t you thing.) Loving the fact that we can customize our order, my sister opted for a green tea crepe with green tea ice-cream topped with mochi balls, while I satisfied my sweet tooth with a good old nutella and banana crepe. With delicious Harajuku crepes in hand, we braved the California heat and continued our Beverley Hill’s window-shopping stylishly and deliciously.

P.S. This is what I wore to this crepe joint. :)

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Harajuku Crepe (click map here)
9405 S. Santa Monica Blvd
Beverley Hills, CA
t: 310.285.3946
h: 10 AM to 10 PM (Monday to Saturday) | 10 AM to 9 PM (Sunday)

The A-list Brunch :: Mauro Cafe at Fred Segal, Los Angeles

fred segal mauro cafefred segal mauro cafe cucumber mint lemonadefred segal mauro cafe brocolli shrimp spaghettifred segal mauro cafe smoked salmon eggs benedictfred segal mauro cafe seafood fettucinefred segal mauro cafe french nutella crepesfred segal mauro cafe

pink-location-iconLocation :: Fred Segal, Beverley Hills

Travelling to Los Angles with our dogs definitely has its perks (cuddle sessions!), but when it came to deciding on where to grab lunch and dinner, it caused quite the head-scratching situation.

Prior to our LA trip, I already was set to visit Fred Segal, especially since my editor convinced me to go (you know, so I can quote Clueless). So when it came time to looking for pet-friendly lunch spots in the area, I was super psyched to see that Mauro Cafe was on the list. Not only is it well recommended for those who enjoy dining with their furry friends, it’s also a fave place for celebrities. Celebrity spotting may be one reason to check out the restaurant, but I have you know that the food and atmosphere are reasons enough to stand on its own. And the best part? You can work off that meal with some post-lunch shopping. It’s a win-win.

Arriving around 11:30 AM, we were able to choose from both the breakfast and lunch menu (thanks to my serious strategic planning). But little did we know, the more options we had, the harder it was to decide on what to eat and drink. After our server circled back for the 3rd and final time, we finally had our hearts set on 4 delicious dishes: broccoli shrimp spaghetti, seafood fettuccine, smoked salmon eggs benedict and nutella-filled French crepes to share family style. And to kick off the meal, we sipped on refreshing cucumber mint lemonades to keep us cool and hydrated in the desert heat. ‘Tis the life.

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Mauro Cafe at Fred Segal (map click here)
8112 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
t: 323.653.2874
h: Monday to Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM (check here for daily hours)

Battenberg Cake

los angeles fred segal street stylelos angeles fred segal street stylelos angeles fred segal street stylelos angeles fred segal marni baglos angeles fred segal street stylelos angeles fred segal street style

pink-location-iconLocation :: Fred Segal, Beverley Hills

I know I shouldn’t be complaining  (especially when Toronto’s spring is so bi-polar and gloomy), but on the day it got uncomfortably hot in Los Angeles, I realized I really was not sartorially prepped for this heat.

Spending the day to do some serious window-shopping on Melrose Avenue and Rodeo Drive, I opted for a mod-inspired outfit for the ultimate colour-popping ensemble in sunny LA. Although it’s no collarless white shirt from Fred Segal (Clueless, anyone?), I went with a black and white silk shirt and a neoprene fit-and-flare skirt to the famous department store thinking it would do the trick to keep me somewhat cool. How wrong I can be. Much to my dismay, walking to Rodeo Drive unpleasantly dripping in sweat is not the most glamorous. Thank goodness for refreshing cucumber mint lemonades at Fred Segal’s Mauro Café and Harajuku ice-cream crepes on Santa Monica Boulevard, life in the desert heat was once again bearable.

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.: Outfit :.
Shirt :: Equipment
Skirt :: Wilfred (love this one here too)
Bag :: Marni (similar style here)
Heels :: Anthropologie
Sunglasses (different colour) and necklace (adore this!) :: Anthropologie