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DIY :: Studded Converse Sneakers

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Do you guys remember our first DIY project a couple of months ago? Well today we’re very excited to have one of our most special Style Muse, SZ, to guest post her latest DIY project, the studded converse sneakers on our blog today!

Materials you’ll need: 
  • a pair of converse
  • scissors
  • sharp tweezers or something sharp to poke holes with
  • studs (you can find plenty on eBay)
  • superglue

Step 1 :: Using my finished project as an example, map out where your studs will go, and poke a hole with the sharp tweezer or scissors. Make sure you go through both layers of fabric.

Step 2 :: Using the applicator side of the side, poke it from the inside of the shoe through the hole you just made on the converse. This is what it looks like from the inside.

This is what it looks like on the outside.

Step 3 :: Put the stud on the applicator and squeeze as hard as you can.

Step 4 :: The yellow sections indicated on the converse represents an extra layer of fabric or a hard rubber part in the heel, making it difficult to poke a hole through the shoe. Therefore, we will instead super glue the studs in those highlighted areas.

Step 5 :: Turn over your stud onto the backside and put a generous amount of superglue.

Step 6 :: Place the stud on the desired spot and hold it in place for about a minute. Try not to move the stud once it has touched the fabric in order to avoid staining the fabric of the shoe with the superglue.

Voila! You have your own pair of studded converse. 🙂

Extra Tip:
If any of your studs fall off, you should have sufficient studs and superglue to attach it back on.

p.s. Please visit one of our style muse’s, SZ, own personal OOTD blog. We love her style and hope you do too!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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