Summer Staple :: Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, Toronto

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pink location iconLocation :: Ossington, Toronto

Wedged in between two buildings on the ever-so-chic Ossington Avenue, the simple and rustic-like ice-cream parlour and bakery, Bang Bang, has quickly become quite the local spot for those looking for the perfect after meal pick-me-up. I had first heard about this gem-of-a-place when I stumbled across photos of macaron ice-scream sandwiches on Instagram via TO foodies. And since I have this unhealthy relationship with macarons (see here for proof), you’d bet it was on my to-go list. Of course, they also have cookie ice-cream sandwiches where a built-in glass counter houses perfectly stacked cookies that come in all sorts of delicious-sounding flavours. But let’s face it, compared to macaron ice-cream sandwiches, the biscuit option is so yesterday’s news. Until you find out Bang Bang also make Hong Kong egg waffles. Drops mic*

Allowing you to devour these goodies on the go, Bang Bang serves the Hong Kong street food staple in two ways: an ice-cream cone or two mini sandwiches, both options offered at the same price ($8). Since this was a pre-brunch treat, my friend and I shared the mini egg waffle ice-cream sandwiches, while my other friend went for the cone. I definitely wasn’t expecting anything amazing or mind-blowing (the Chinese do it better #sorrynotsorry), but in all fairness, they did a pretty good job. Plus, their homemade ice-cream (halva, lemon meringue, burnt toffee to name a few flavours) just makes everything better. Macaron ice-cream, I’m coming back for ya!

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