Summer Staple :: Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, Toronto

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pink location iconLocation :: Ossington, Toronto



C’EST LA VIE :: Sevva

Hi everyone,

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

This post is so long overdue, but since Hong Kong is all I can think about for the past few days, I thought I would share one of my favourite places for afternoon tea with you.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

We’ve been to our fair share of high tea locations in HK and we’re always on the hunt for more. From Peninsula’s famous afternoon tea experience in the historic lobby to Grand Hyatt’s all-you-can-eat ice-cream bar, the experiences have all been grand. However, this time we decided to move away from the hotel circuit and tried the upscale restaurant, Sevva.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

Sevva, owned by Hong Kong style icon Bonnae Gokson, is a classy lounge/restaurant/bar housed within the corporate Prince Building in Central district. Known to be the watering hole for the stylish elite at night (this place boasts the best cocktails in town), it is also quite the popular scene for the white-collar crowd in the afternoon.

sseva hong kong afternoon teaWith the interior design and the menu inspired by the “cultural diversity of Hong Kong,” Sevva houses five sections, each pertaining its own dining experience. As we stepped out of the elevator, we were instantly in awe with the luxe meets chic atmosphere. The lounge’s ambience reminded me of an Alice and Wonderland tea party with colourful couches against a ribbon of windows on one side and a leafy green garden wall running on the opposite side. With ample of natural light shining in, it would have been nice to sit inside, but we requested to sit on the terrace instead, since it overlooks the Kowloon Peninsula and the Central district. As I sat there sipping my jasmine green tea, I can totally see why socialites flock here to relax and socialize.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

The first sitting for afternoon tea starts at 2:30 PM. Being quite the trendy spot for high tea, I would recommend you to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier, since they don’t take reservations.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

I was not allowed to take photos (I wish I could show you the interior design), but fortunately our server turned a blind eye as I discreetly snapped pictures of the glamorous three-tier afternoon set. Just scrolling through these photos, my mouth is already salivating (why do I do this to myself?). With juicy sliders, truffled scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a tier filled with delectable cakes, I highly recommend you to skip lunch. You definitely don’t want to miss out on even one of these sweet and savoury treats.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

As we carried our stomachs out of the restaurant, we couldn’t help but see what every one else ordered, because why not. While afternoon tea may seem like the heavier and pricier option (but totally worth it!), we saw many customers just opt for a slice of Ms.B’s famous cakes instead. Although the tea set gave us a tidbit of what her cakes tasted like, I vowed to make sure to head over to C’est La B, Ms. Gokson’s separate charming café-bar, to just try her sweet creations next time we’re in town.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

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Sevva (map here)
Prince’s Building, 25th Floor
10 Chater Road
Central, Hong Kong
t: +1 852.2537.1388

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Life In Colours :: Nadège Patisserie, Toronto

Hi everybody,
To continue our hunt for our favourite macarons, we decided to pay a visit to a well-recommended and much loved patisserie in Toronto.
Located in a quaint part of Toronto with other cafés and boutiques, Nadège fits right into this part of the neighbourhood. Wish I had the chance to sit on their patio, and bask in the sunlight and enjoy this quieter part of downtown with a cup of coffee and pastries. Unfortunately, not this time. I was on a tight lunch schedule.*
*A little thing you should know about me. When I set my mind to a place I need to go in a specific time span, I set a schedule and think of what to order ahead. That way I don’t waste precious time. Knowing me, a 3 minute decision, can honestly turn into a 20 minute decision if I don’t plan.
Supposed schedule: 10 minute walk (determined to beat whatever google map says), max 15 minute in the store, 10 minute walk back.
Actualization: 14 minute walk (as Google map suggested), 30 minutes in store (there were too many choices!) 15 minute walk back (it was hot and my feet hurt.)
Ever wish you can order the option “a bit of everything?” I don’t know if I was hungry from the walk or the constant inner mental battle of what I could possibly order and should order, but being offered by all these options at Nadège was not good for my health. Ranging from croissants and danish pastries, to their daily baguette sandwiches, to their little cakes, and to their delightful macarons. I wanted it all!  I constantly needed to remind myself to calm down. I know the people behind the counter are just giving me a polite smile. But in their heads, they are wondering, “Why doe her eyes look so crazy!”
Well one thing was for sure. I am not going to leave Nadège without their macarons. Since my sister couldn’t be there with me, she would not be pleased if I came home with empty hands.
Since it was lunch, it only made sense to grab a sandwich right? But should I order something sweet or savoury? I really shouldn’t get both. Savoury it is. Now which sandwich? Their fig and brie sandwich looked good, but I’m a girl who needs a bit of meat in her life, so I ended up with their grilled chicken sandwich with swiss cheese and cucumber. It was a really nice. I requested to have it heated up so the cheese would melt a bit. decision ever! Surprisingly not heavy (or was I just really hungry after my long walk back to the office?) The baguette itself was good and made a nice crunching sound as I took my first bite.
Now on to the main focus of this post. (What took so long?) I think it’s safe to say that I think these are one of the best macarons I have tasted in Toronto. As the meringue melted in my mouth bursting with their specified flavours, I knew these were freshly made. I was originally only going to buy 6 macarons, but who wasI kidding. I got the 12 macaron box especially after seeing they had matcha green tea flavour. (We’ve told you our obsession of green tea right?) [here, here, and here] Claude and I usually split our macarons, so we can both taste all the flavours. With green tea, I got one for each of us. We’re not sharing. =)To no one’s surprise, we loved their matcha ones the most. Also hearing that the salted caramel, rose, and cassis (black currant) were the most popular, I got those too, and they tasted especially fresh. We found the meringue and the filling a good ratio because we prefer ones that don’t have too much filling because we actually like the meringue more!
This patisserie won so many Tse Parfait brownie points. That’s right, we’re giving out brownie points. =) I just love it when cafés or patisseries have a white themed decor because then it draws the customers’ whole focus towards their food, and without a doubt, the pastries and cakes at Nadège were beautiful. Minus the sandwiches and pastries, Nadège kind of reminds me of LA’s Lette Macarons. It was also lovely to see Lyon-born pastry chef, Nadège Norian behind the counter with a welcoming smile on her face. Knowing I was going to take some pictures of her lovely pastries, she kindly asked one of her staffs to wipe the glass case for me so my pictures were clearer.Thanks for being so sweet and patient with me! 
The atmosphere is a perfect setting for any sort of customers from families, friends, dates. If I could, I would just waltz right in here everyday to grab a bite to eat. Walking in for the first time turns me into this little girl who had just discovered the most amazing candy factory. Who am I kidding, I’m still that little girl. I can’t wait to take Claude here!
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Nadège Patisserie 
780 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G2
t: 416.368.2009
$: $25 for a box of 12 macarons // $9 for a baguette sandwich