Brunch Attack :: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Toronto

 Oh, brunch. What would life be without thee? There’s no doubt it’s one of my fave meals of the day. Tied with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, afternoon tea of course. Oh, wait a minute…;)

mildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissant poached egg saladmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissantmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissant blueberry pancakes

pink location iconLocation :: Liberty Village, Toronto

For my BFF’s birthday, my friends and I decided to spend the day in the city to hit up a few places on my running list of to-go restaurants. Since it was a Sunday, it seemed obligatory that we do brunch. There are a ton of well-recommended brunch places in Toronto (Lady Marmalade being one of them), but since we happened to be in Liberty Village, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen seemed fitting.

When we stepped into the restaurant, I was pretty mesmerized by the interior design. I’m a huge sucker for big windows that lets ample of natural light to stream in and spacious layout of tables and chairs for comfortable seating arrangements. I especially love how they have an area on a raised platform in the back to hold semi-private parties. Oh, they also have an open kitchen. #died

If you’re looking for a light but filling brunch option, I would recommend “The Lottie,” which is a salad that comprises of a variety of oven-roasted mushrooms and rosemary bacon bits, topped with two poached eggs with perfectly runny yolk. For those with a heftier appetite, blueberry buttermilk pancakes is what you need to order. Consisting of three super fluffy pancakes garnished with whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup, you bet my tiny friend couldn’t finish this all by herself. But being the champ she is, she finished 2/3 of it. (Side note: I wish I asked for the syrup was served separately because the bottom pancake ended up being soaked by all that sweetness.) And as for me, I went for an egg’s benedict-inspired option, “Veda’s Choice,” because you really can’t go wrong with this brunch staple, especially when it is sandwiched with smoked salmon within a flakey croissant.

Mimosas were an enticing option, but instead, the four of us opted for kiddie drinks: freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade and iced tea. Do be aware that these drinks don’t come cheap ($5 a glass!), but it said it’s freshly squeezed, so it’s got to be worth it, right? To our dismay, it was not. When my friends’ OJ and grapefruit juice arrived, they came in small drinking glasses. You know, the ones that houses gin and tonic. Super disappointed, I regretted ordering my $4.50 lemonade. But to my surprise, mine came in a nice, tall glass. Needless to say, my friend was furious displeased. Honestly, why can’t all the glasses just be the same size?

Now, I’m not one to critique a restaurant on this blog because if it’s not good, then I see no point in recommending it to my friends and family here. But unfortunately, in some cases (albeit rare), I come across a place with amazing food and disappointing service (we sat at our table for 20 minutes, sans any acknowledgement and water!). So, as much as I want to rave about this place, because the food is really delicious, it’s not on the top of my list. #sorrynotsorry

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neon green tse parfait
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (click for map)
85 Hanna Avenue
Toronto, Canada
t: 416.588.5695
h: Monday to Friday (11 AM to 10 PM); Saturday (10 AM to 10 PM); Sunday (10 AM to 3 PM)

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