About Us

We are the Tse sisters. You might find it confusing on how to pronounce this peculiar last name. The “T” is silent and it is pronounced exactly like “c’est” in French.

Thanks to a brilliant friend, our blog name is a play on our last name. Since this is blog of our collaborative love for food and fashion, it only seems fit to have it incorporated in our name. So in one way “parfait” can be the dessert, and in another way, it can be its French translation,”It’s perfect.”

The meaning of fashion to us is about seeking our personal style in a unique and stylish way. It’s about mixing and matching expensive and inexpensive pieces, playing with a variety of colours, and taking some risks with trends while being comfortable in our own skin.

We appreciate food the same way. We grew up with our dad’s words to embrace new food because you never know what you can discover and end up falling in love with. We enjoy going to super fancy restaurants, but we love cheap and amazingly delicious food more. If it means going to a hole in the wall kind of restaurant to have the best ramen noodles in town, we will do everything to seek it out and enjoy every minute of our experience there. We essentially are foodies, but we are no food critics. We won’t be rating any of the restaurants nor will we post every place we eat at. Just the ones we would recommend to our family and friends!

Hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we do!


      1. YAY! I’m a designer (interior design) and getting together soon with designer-turned-bloggers who are also foodies! =P … Just added you to Twitter so please add me so I can DM you the meetup deets! =D

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