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The Classic :: Lan Fong Yuen, Hong Kong

hong kong lan fong yuen condensed milk toasthong kong lan fong yuen pork chop instant noodleshong kong lan fong yuen hk milk tea toasthong kong lan fong yuen condensed milk toast hong kong lan fong yuen pork chop lo mienhong kong lan fong yuen

pink-location-iconLocation :: Central District, Hong Kong

If there is only one thing you must have in Hong Kong, make it the HK-style milk tea.  A stronger and smoother take on the regular old tea with milk and sugar (thanks to the stocking-like filter they use to pour the tea through), HK-style milk tea is somewhat of a tradition for residents to religiously drink everyday, especially for breakfast. While Hong Kong offers a wide variety of places that serve amazing milk tea, I’ve got to say no shop comes close to Lan Fong Yuen. Trust me. I’ve done my research.

 As diners are to America, dai pai dongs (open-air food stall) are to Hong Kong. Breakfast is served around 8 AM, and business goes right through lunch and into afternoon tea hour. While Lan Fong Yuen is no longer a dai pai dong per se (it has evolved and made a home in the restaurant behind its original DPD façade), the restaurant still evokes the same fast-paced and crowded nature of the traditional food stall.

 To make sure our day starts off on the right foot, my sister and I make our way to Central district to our go-to breakfast destination. Although many tourists come to Lan Fong Yuen to try their famous pork chop mini bun and instant noodle lo-mien (only available after 11 PM), you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. But when it comes to ordering breakfast, I’m pretty boring. While my sister goes for the pork chop instant noodles in soup, I alternate between a Hong Kong-styled French toast or a basic condensed milk and butter thick toast with a side of milk tea —simple, cheap and delicious. What more can you ask?

P.S There is a minimum charge of $24HKD per head, which equals an HK-style milk tea and a thick toast. FYI.

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Lan Fong Yuen (map click here)
2 Gage Street, Central
Hong Kong
t: 2544 3895

Chemical Romance :: Lab Made, Hong Kong

hong kong lab made ice cream makerhong kong lab made ice cream makerhong kong lab made winter wonderland ice creamhong kong lab made nutella ice creamhong kong lab made ice cream

pink-location-iconLocation :: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Hong Kong is forever changing with favourite restaurants closing down and new trendy places popping up. Life goes on. So when we heard Asia’s first nitrogen ice-cream shop, Lab Made, had opened up (and was all the rage), we ice cream fanatics were ecstatic.

What made this place so intriguing (besides the obvious fact that ice cream is made in front of you) are the unique ice-cream flavours they offered, from timeless desserts like strawberry shortbread and Bailey’s chocolate chip to Hong Kong specialties like egg custard bun and HK-style French toast. Classic Hong Kong snacks transformed into ice-cream? Yes, please!

Following them on Facebook, I religiously check to see the flavours of the week. Being there in the month of December, flavours obviously centred on the Christmas theme. We had the gastronomic pleasure of tasting the Winter Wonderland (rocky road) and the North Star (Nutella). To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything mind-blowing having tasted nitrogen ice-cream once before at a local night market, but after taking a first bite, I was in awe how close it tasted to real ice-cream. If no one had told me, I do not know if I could taste the difference. I might even say I love it more than regular old ice-cream with flavours being so bold and distinct. The North Star literally tasted like a fererro rocher. My favourite chocolate in ice-cream form? What’s not to love!

While there is no seating available, it does make for the ideal dessert to take on the go for any time of the day (lunch, dinner, midnight ice-cream run, anyone?). Although it only comes in one small size, this little treat will satisfy all the taste buds. Trust me, no one will judge if you want to order more than one. #doublefisting #ftw

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Lab Made, Tsim Sha Tsui (Click map here)
Shop G42, G/F., Miramar Shopping Centre
132 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
t: +852.2670.0071
h: Monday to Thursday (12 PM to 12 AM); Friday to Saturday (12 PM to 1 AM)


C’EST LA VIE :: Sevva

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sseva hong kong afternoon tea

This post is so long overdue, but since Hong Kong is all I can think about for the past few days, I thought I would share one of my favourite places for afternoon tea with you.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

We’ve been to our fair share of high tea locations in HK and we’re always on the hunt for more. From Peninsula’s famous afternoon tea experience in the historic lobby to Grand Hyatt’s all-you-can-eat ice-cream bar, the experiences have all been grand. However, this time we decided to move away from the hotel circuit and tried the upscale restaurant, Sevva.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

Sevva, owned by Hong Kong style icon Bonnae Gokson, is a classy lounge/restaurant/bar housed within the corporate Prince Building in Central district. Known to be the watering hole for the stylish elite at night (this place boasts the best cocktails in town), it is also quite the popular scene for the white-collar crowd in the afternoon.

sseva hong kong afternoon teaWith the interior design and the menu inspired by the “cultural diversity of Hong Kong,” Sevva houses five sections, each pertaining its own dining experience. As we stepped out of the elevator, we were instantly in awe with the luxe meets chic atmosphere. The lounge’s ambience reminded me of an Alice and Wonderland tea party with colourful couches against a ribbon of windows on one side and a leafy green garden wall running on the opposite side. With ample of natural light shining in, it would have been nice to sit inside, but we requested to sit on the terrace instead, since it overlooks the Kowloon Peninsula and the Central district. As I sat there sipping my jasmine green tea, I can totally see why socialites flock here to relax and socialize.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

The first sitting for afternoon tea starts at 2:30 PM. Being quite the trendy spot for high tea, I would recommend you to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier, since they don’t take reservations.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

I was not allowed to take photos (I wish I could show you the interior design), but fortunately our server turned a blind eye as I discreetly snapped pictures of the glamorous three-tier afternoon set. Just scrolling through these photos, my mouth is already salivating (why do I do this to myself?). With juicy sliders, truffled scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a tier filled with delectable cakes, I highly recommend you to skip lunch. You definitely don’t want to miss out on even one of these sweet and savoury treats.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

As we carried our stomachs out of the restaurant, we couldn’t help but see what every one else ordered, because why not. While afternoon tea may seem like the heavier and pricier option (but totally worth it!), we saw many customers just opt for a slice of Ms.B’s famous cakes instead. Although the tea set gave us a tidbit of what her cakes tasted like, I vowed to make sure to head over to C’est La B, Ms. Gokson’s separate charming café-bar, to just try her sweet creations next time we’re in town.

sseva hong kong afternoon tea

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Sevva (map here)
Prince’s Building, 25th Floor
10 Chater Road
Central, Hong Kong
t: +1 852.2537.1388
e: reservations@sevva.hk

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