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Harajuku Cafe Crepe
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pink-location-iconLocation: Harajuku, Tokyo

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sharing one of my much-loved desserts for this special day.

 Harajuku-styled crepes in Harajuku— the ultimate foodie dream. As the go-to styled crepe since the discovery of it ages ago, you can bet my sister and I were eager to go to this buzzing district. Walking on Harajuku Street from our coffee pit stop was quite the mission on a Sunday afternoon with it being jam-packed with tourists and locals. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of teenagers dressed up in the original Harajuku style who float from boutique to boutique happy to take photos with anyone, but because we were sardines in a can shuffling through the crowd, I unfortunately missed it.

 As we made our way down the street, our hungry stomachs called out to the many flashy crepe kiosks. We even caught a glimpse of Marion Crepes: the first place we’ve ever tried Harajuku-styled crepes. While it was tempting to go to Marion for nostalgia’s sake, we ended up going to Café Crepe, Rumi Neely’s (aka Fashion Toast) recommended crepe fix.  And may I point out the menus are pink. It really doesn’t get better than this.

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WEEKEND LOVE :: My New Kicks

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my new kicks :: Tse Parfait

What better way to celebrate the spring air than to get new runners?

Neglected to get a new pair for 3 years (apparently you’re supposed to buy a new pair every 6 months?!!), I finally got myself these hot pink kicks with neon green laces so they will be a blazing reminder to go out and do some exercise.

Instead of being cooped up at home, I took the doggies out for a walk. I’m sure they are as glad as I am to see the weather FINALLY getting warmer.

P.S. The baby girl loves to play, so her toys are always lying everywhere in the house. =)

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