Brunch Attack :: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Toronto

 Oh, brunch. What would life be without thee? There’s no doubt it’s one of my fave meals of the day. Tied with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, afternoon tea of course. Oh, wait a minute…;)

mildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchenmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissant poached egg saladmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissantmildreds temple kitchen eggs benedict smoked salmon croissant blueberry pancakes

pink location iconLocation :: Liberty Village, Toronto



Dear Hong Kong

hong kong skylinehong kong central outdoor markethong kong sing heung yuen restaurantclaude hong kong street stylehong kong central street markethong kong victorias secret electric carhong kong central traffictse parfait hong kong street stylehong kong subwayhong kong red taxishong kong policemenhong kong causeway bay sogohong kong causeway bay sogo intersectionhong kong mazazu icecream creperen hong kong street stylehong kong causeway bay night market

pink-location-iconlocation :: Causeway Bay & Central District, Hong Kong

Oh, Hong Kong. Where do I even start? The vacation destination I have been going to for the past 8 years (there was a 1-year hiatus because mom thought staying home to prep for my university applications was the right thing to do. #longestyearofmylife), you would think anyone would get sick of a city by then. Well, at least that’s what my friends ask me every year. But with new skyscrapers being built and new restaurants popping up every year, every visit ends up being a new adventure with new spots to shop and new places to eat. How could anyone be bored with a city that never stops changing! But before I jump right into sharing my favourite eateries and hole-in-a-wall restaurants (with outfits of the day sprinkled in), I give you my first batch of travel postcards of my home away from home, from old school outdoor markets to futuristic buildings grazing the sky. I don’t blame you if you’re already booking your ticket to Hong Kong for your next vacation spot as you read this sentence. In life, there may be some impulse decisions that you do and will regret, but this ain’t one of them.

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Weekend Brunch :: Brassaii, Toronto

brassaii restaurant and loungebrassaii restaurant and loungebrassaii restaurant and loungebrassaii butternut squash soupbrassaii eggs benedictbrassaii omelette briochebrassaii pecan tartpink-location-iconLocation :: Toronto, Canada

As I mentioned in my previous #ootd post, my friends and I went to Brassaii for a Saturday brunch date. Tucked in an alley on King Street (not far from the popular ping pong club, SpiN), Brassaii may be more known for its night scene, but it also makes for the perfect brunch spot with its rustic design (wooden tables and iron wrought windows) meets glam (leather booths and fancy lighting) interior design.

We had the opportunity to taste test their brunch menu, which was slightly tailored for us. Set up as a three-course meal, we started things off with a butternut squash soup. Garnished with fried parsnips, the savoury soup left a delightful sweet after taste.

Torn between the eggs benedict and the french toast (complete with rice krispies and nutella), the decision was a lot harder to make for my second course. While the more obvious choice (the french toast of course!) may have been the tastier one, I glanced down to see what desserts were offered to help make my final decision. Without batting an eye, I knew I wanted the cinnamon bun. Knowing an over-the-top french toast with a cinnamon treat would be overkill, I opted for the eggs benedict with porchetta on an english muffin in the end, which was super satisfying in every way. But by the time I got to the last bite, my friend (who also ordered the same thing as me) and I telepathically agreed that the pecan tart might indeed be the smarter choice, so we switched. The pecan tart was a sweet (maybe too sweet) way to end the meal, but having zipped through two courses already, our tummies just couldn’t finish it. #firstworldproblems

I definitely recommend this place to go with friends. Judging from the menu, I would love to come again to see what other dishes they offer for brunch and dinner. Also, I heard Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston were actually there later that day for a private dinner to celebrate the actress’s birthday. If my pictures don’t convince you, I know the possibility of a celebrity spotting will definitely do the trick.

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