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sweet note desserts cafe signsweet note desserts display tablesweet note desserts macaron displaysweet note desserts milk bottle displaysweet note desserts vanilla soufflesweet note desserts macarons lattesweet note desserts milk bottlesweet note desserts chocolate soufflesweet note desserts green tea lattesweet note desserts cafepink-location-iconLocation :: Markham, Canada

Have you ever noticed as you grow older a birthday slowly becomes a birthday month? With friends and family currently living in different cities on different schedules, March ends up being a month of birthday celebrations with groups of friends celebrating on various days to make up for the actual date. Coming back on the same weekend before my birthday, my closest group of girlfriends and I decided to have a sweet afternoon at a café I’ve been itching to try for quite some time: Sweet Note Desserts.

Not knowing what to expect, I was eager to try a bit of everything, especially the French soufflés. You see, Mama Tse is a huge soufflé fan (and the biggest soufflé critic), so this trip was kind of a test to see if it was worthy for her to come in. While one friend ordered the chocolate flavour with mango dressing, I opted for the vanilla with passion fruit coulis on the side. However, after a couple of spoons with the sauce, I ditched it. I much preferred the soufflé to stand on its own. Though I haven’t had many in my lifetime, I found it a tad too sweet to my liking, but liked how the texture and density was light and fluffy.

While we were waiting for the soufflés to bake (approximately a half hour wait time), we made our way to the counter to see what other delicious sweets were encased in the glass display. From cupcakes to macarons to milk bottles to the featured cake of the day, it was a feast before our eyes. A macaron devotee, there was no question I grabbed a green tea macaron to pair with my green tea latte. Though it wasn’t mind-blowing (I’ve already dubbed Pierre Hermé as the king of macarons), Sweet Note has definitely made it to one of the top spots on my Toronto macaron list (below Nadège Patisserie, of course). It was not too sweet, a nice balance between filling and meringue and bursted with authentic green tea flavour. Now, no birthday celebration is complete without an overdose of sugar. Mesmerized by the colourful milk bottle dessert display, my one friend and I decided to try it (a matcha green tea pudding for her and the Café Baileys for me). The best part is you can take the milk bottle home as a souvenir. Score!

Simple white furniture, exposed brick walls and colour accent from the dessert itself complete the cute environment. With cupcakes, meringue cakes and mocha bites still left to try, I know I’ll be making a second trip here soon with the sister to indulge in the rest of the menu.

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aqua blue tse parfait

Sweet Note Desserts (map here)
Commerce Gate, Unit 61-63
505 Highway 7 East,
Markham, Ontario
t: 905.877.9338
h: 2 PM to 10:30 PM (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday); 2 PM to 11:30 PM (Friday and Saturday) [Closed on Tuesdays]

Birthday Cake :: Nadège Patisserie, Toronto

nadege patisserie marie antoinette macaron cakeMarie Antoinette
pink-location-iconLocation: Toronto, Canada

I’ve been to Nadège Patisserie a few times now (here and here) and it’s safe to say, I’m never disappointed. A big fan of macarons (and I mean BIG fan!), it only seemed fit to pick up my favourite treat for my special day. A box of assorted macarons was the game plan, but three cakes sitting by the window at the Rosedale location caught my eye and instantly changed my mind. While the Pur Noir (dark chocolate mousse with a flourless chocolate base) and La Mancha (a saffron crème brulée with a shortbread biscuit) were tempting choices, I was mesmerized by the patisserie’s signature cake: Marie Antoinette. Made up of vanilla panna cotta, a light mousse laced with clear maple syrup and its much-loved macaron biscuits as decorations, this cake just screams Nadège Patisserie, doesn’t it? Light and not too sweet, I could not ask for a more perfect birthday cake.

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Nadège Patisserie, Rosedale (click map here)
1099 Yonge St.
Toronto, Canada
M4W 2L7
t: 416.968.2011
h: 9 AM to 7:30 PM (Tuesday to Saturday); 9 AM to 6 PM (Sunday); Closed Mondays

WEEKEND LOVE :: Green Tea Opera Cake

Hi everyone!

I’m sure we all have a ‘go-to’ place when we’re in dire need for a cake for someone special. Over the years we have had many, starting with Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream cakes, then Café Maxim’s orange chocolate truffle cake, to Bakery Nakamura for their japanese-styled cheese cakes, to Ruelo Patisserie’s green tea red bean sesame cake, and then Rahier’s various chocolate cakes. As you can see, we have tried our fair share of cake shops! So this year, we decided to surprise our mum with a cake with a more personalized touch!

green tea opera cake :: tseparfait

So who made this darling of a cake for us? No one other than the talented blogger Amy Lu from Amy’s Food Adventures! Ever since she invited us to go to Nadège Patisserie with her, we’ve been following her adventures religiously via her blog, facebook, and instagram, and whenever we see her posting some of her delicious baked goods, we can’t help but drool all over our laptops admire her work.

We could not have asked for a more perfect cake for our mum who loves green tea flavoured sweets and opera cakes. Amy was able to combine her 2 loves into one dessert. Taking on this challenge to tackle this cake for the first time, the cake exceeded our expectations in both presentation and taste. We’re so grateful to have such a talented blogger friend. We know this won’t be our last time placing an order at Amy’s Sweet Shop! =)

green tea opera cake :: tseparfait

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