Blue Pop Rocks

tokyo tsukiji market street style tokyo tsukiji market street style proenza schouler bagtokyo tsukiji market street style tokyo tsukiji market street style anthropologie bootstokyo tsukiji market street style
pink-location-iconLocation :: Tsukiji fish Market, chuo, Tokyo

When you’re waiting in line to get into the best sushi restaurant/bar/kiosk at Tsukiji Fish Market in the middle of winter, you best be sure you’re dressed warmly. I’m not going to go into too much detail of my experience at the-freshest-sushi-I’ve-ever-had fish market because that deserves its own post. No, this is going to be how glad I was that I layered because although the sun was out and the fact that the temperature is no where close to Canada’s Polar Vortex (-30°C people!), standing in line for nearly five hours (that’s right, five whole hours!) takes staying warm, stamina and well, a lot of patience. Knowing I would be outside for the suggested wait time of three hours according to my travel guide (I was so fooled!), that morning I threw on my much-coveted grey coat, my blanket scarf that I got in another colour (don’t judge!), and my favourite blue suede bag for that pop of colour that my outfit was in dire need.

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Coat :: Isabel Marant for H&M (love this one here and here)
T-shirt :: Babaton
Pants :: Wilfred (old)
Bag :: Proenza Schouler (love it in this style here)
Boots :: Holding Horses (old)
Scarf :: Wilfred (many styles here)


Dapper Gent :: Meet Christian

Hi everyone,

Just saying a quick hello on this fine Saturday with another one of Tse Parfait’s Dapper Gents, Christian!

So excited to have another one of our stylish friends featured on our blog. We really hope you’re enjoying this new segment as much as we are!

Not going to lie, but I was really nervous at first because I’ve never photographed guys and did not know how to direct them to pose a certain way. Let’s face it, guys just can’t pose the same way as girls. 😛

In the end, I just told them to be natural by walking around, while I feverishly caught those “in between” moments whether they were buttoning up the shirt, rolling up the sleeves, or fixing the watch.

Conscious that they were a tad uncomfortable since it was their first time doing something like this, really grateful to have such great friends who were super patient with me, while I madly clicked my camera around them.

Can’t wait to have Christian here on the blog again!

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Shirt :: H&M (many styles here)
Trousers :: H&M (similar style here)
Shoes :: Aldo (similar style here)
Watch :: TAG Heuer (similar style here) / Belt :: Danier / Sunnies :: Ray Ban