Dapper Gents

DAPPER GENT :: Meet Wayne

Hi everyone,

How is everyone on this Tuesday afternoon?

Promising my friend that we would take pictures together when we reunited, we turned a Thanksgiving dinner into an indoor impromptu photo shoot. While the parents were conversing and the kids were watching tv, us two misfits took our cameras and went wild.

I’ve known Wayne since forever. And when I mean forever, I do mean it. He is actually the one who brought me into this world of fashion, by first introducing to me one of my favourite blogs: The Sartorialist. Since then, I’ve been addicted to street style photography. I am just mesmerized by the creations that people all around the world can create by mixing basic and treasured pieces to make it their own unique style.

Wasn’t really planning to make this photo shoot into a post, but how could I have passed the opportunity to take detailed shots of some of Wayne’s pieces.

Falling in love with this vest all over again. If only it came in a smaller size…I would totally rock it.

Thanks for reading!

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Top :: Comme des Garçons
Vest :: Magma by Iris 
Trousers :: Club Monaco
Accessories ::
Snapback :: HUF (many styles here) // Belt :: Club Monaco // Watch :: Alessi


Dapper Gent :: Meet Christian

Hi everyone,

Just saying a quick hello on this fine Saturday with another one of Tse Parfait’s Dapper Gents, Christian!

So excited to have another one of our stylish friends featured on our blog. We really hope you’re enjoying this new segment as much as we are!

Not going to lie, but I was really nervous at first because I’ve never photographed guys and did not know how to direct them to pose a certain way. Let’s face it, guys just can’t pose the same way as girls. 😛

In the end, I just told them to be natural by walking around, while I feverishly caught those “in between” moments whether they were buttoning up the shirt, rolling up the sleeves, or fixing the watch.

Conscious that they were a tad uncomfortable since it was their first time doing something like this, really grateful to have such great friends who were super patient with me, while I madly clicked my camera around them.

Can’t wait to have Christian here on the blog again!

Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
Shirt :: H&M (many styles here)
Trousers :: H&M (similar style here)
Shoes :: Aldo (similar style here)
Watch :: TAG Heuer (similar style here) / Belt :: Danier / Sunnies :: Ray Ban

Dapper Gent :: Meet Kevin

Hi everyone,

Since we have Style Muses for our lovely female friends, it only makes sense to have a gentleman’s division to inspire our male readers out there. So let us introduce to you our exciting and newest segment: Dapper Gents.

Even though we are naturally drawn to ladies’ fashion to get some fresh ideas for ourselves or just to admire (more the latter), we love to also look at men’s fashion for inspiration sake.

So meet our first dapper gent and friend, Kevin. He was actually one of the few who introduced me to the world of street style blogs including my current favourite blogger of all time, Garance Doré.

Getting ready for the cooler season, Kevin has put together a look perfect for the fall. Love the way he put together basic fall pieces and personalized it with accessories.

Hope you like his style as much as we do! Cannot wait to have him on our blog again soon!

Thanks for reading!
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Jacket :: Gap
Shirt :: Club Monaco (similar style here)
Pants :: Club Monaco (similar style here)
Sneakers :: Tretorn
Tie :: Club Monaco // Tie Clip :: Vintage // Pocket Square :: Thrifted // Socks :: Uniqlo // Sunnies :: Ray Ban