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pink-location-iconLocation :: Beverley Hills, Los Angeles

Discount shopping and palm trees aside, Sprinkles Cupcakes is the sole reason we headed to Los Angeles. So the minute we landed in LAX, we drove straight to The Grove (the most beautiful outdoor mall to exist) to do some shopping/grab a box of cupcakes for the perfect post-flight snack. My sister and I are not cupcake fans. It’s probably one of the last desserts we would actually reach for. But a Sprinkles cupcakes? You might lose a hand while serving us. You’ve been warned.

We’ve been itching to try Sprinkles’ s’mores cupcake for as long as we can remember. Every time we had visited LA, we would miss it by a week. One year we even missed it by a day. So when we found out the marshmallow goodness was offered as the special flavour of the month, we seized the moment and had it four times on our four-day trip. I wish I could say I was joking.

But as much as I love to talk about cupcakes (I’ve already professed my love for these sweets here), I’m going to turn the attention over to the ice cream brand they opened up a couple of years ago. After our morning walk at Santa Monica Beach, we drove straight to Sprinkles Ice-Cream on Santa Monica Boulevard (the cupcake and ice-cream parlours are right next door to each other) for a pre-lunch sweet because #yolo, am I right?  As soon as we entered the retro-looking shop, we turned into little kids bouncing from the menu wall to the ice-cream counter and back again. Before we even finished reading the menu, my sister decided on her usual Rocky Road while I went for their famous Sprinkles sundae, which is basically a cupcake split in half and ice-cream stuffed in between. Sounds divine right? Well it was.  But looking back for #foodporn sake, I wish I had chosen a chocolate marshmallow cupcake (our second fave flavour) instead. You know, so the Sprinkles’ signature dot can be in the shot. Since I wasn’t thinking with my head, but with my stomach, I chose the s’mores flavour, again. Though I didn’t find anything too special about the ice-cream (ice-cream is ice-cream), I still definitely recommend the sundae because, needless to say, a Sprinkles cupcake can make all your troubles go away.

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Sprinkles Ice-Cream (map)
9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90210
t: 310.274.8765
h: Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM; Sunday 10 AM to 8 PM

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