Dear Los Angeles

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pink-location-iconLocation :: The Grove // Santa Monica Pier // Beverley Hills // Los Angeles // City of Industry

With only 5 days to transition from one chapter to the next, my sister and I (along with our 2 dogs) decided to go on a impromptu and well-deserved trip to one of our favourite cities: Los Angeles. While the amazing shopping and beautiful beaches are two likely reasons for people to escape to the City of Angels this time of year (especially when Toronto’s spring is as gloomy as it is), for us, Sprinkles was more than enough of an excuse to jet to Beverley Hills in a jiffy because nobody beats their cupcakes. Fact. Don’t believe us? Scroll back up to see how many pictures we took of the best cupcakes in the world. I wish I could say it was only a one-time thing during the trip and that I was taking multiple pictures of the same 4 cupcakes…but let’s be real here. I don’t kid when it comes to Sprinkles.

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

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  1. Love this post and so jealous! Even though I was JUST there, a girl could always go for another Sprinkles cupcake 😉 Where did you stay BTW, beautiful view!

    1. Right? And that ATM machine is just pure genius! 😀
      I actually stayed outside of LA in City of Industry at the Pacific Palms resort. It’s a really nice place to stay outside the buzzy city. Highly recommend it. 🙂

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