Birthday Cake :: Nadège Patisserie, Toronto

nadege patisserie marie antoinette macaron cakeMarie Antoinette
pink-location-iconLocation: Toronto, Canada

I’ve been to Nadège Patisserie a few times now (here and here) and it’s safe to say, I’m never disappointed. A big fan of macarons (and I mean BIG fan!), it only seemed fit to pick up my favourite treat for my special day. A box of assorted macarons was the game plan, but three cakes sitting by the window at the Rosedale location caught my eye and instantly changed my mind. While the Pur Noir (dark chocolate mousse with a flourless chocolate base) and La Mancha (a saffron crème brulée with a shortbread biscuit) were tempting choices, I was mesmerized by the patisserie’s signature cake: Marie Antoinette. Made up of vanilla panna cotta, a light mousse laced with clear maple syrup and its much-loved macaron biscuits as decorations, this cake just screams Nadège Patisserie, doesn’t it? Light and not too sweet, I could not ask for a more perfect birthday cake.

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Nadège Patisserie, Rosedale (click map here)
1099 Yonge St.
Toronto, Canada
M4W 2L7
t: 416.968.2011
h: 9 AM to 7:30 PM (Tuesday to Saturday); 9 AM to 6 PM (Sunday); Closed Mondays


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