Sweet Spot :: Chimoto Yumochi Shop, Hakone

hakone chimoto yumochi shop exteriorhakone chimoto yumochi shop exteriorhakone chimoto yumochi interiorhakone chimoto yumochi matcha green teahakone chimoto yumochi red bean mochihakone chimoto yumochi red bean mochihakone chimoto yumochi green tea mochihakone chimoto yumochi shop exteriorpink-location-iconLocation :: Hakone, Japan
After a lunch at Hatsuhana Soba Noodles, we made our way over to a local favourite: Chimoto Yumochi Shop. While other souvenir shops and confectionaries encouraged us to taste test prior to making purchases, Chimoto asked us instead to head next door to their café to enjoy a cup of tea and a sweet treat. While that would usually put us off, this mochi confectionary is a well-recommended souvenir shop (over 60 years of history!), so we decided to stay for a snack.  It turned out for the better since we were tired and thirsty from our walk around the charming streets of Hakone.
Quite the quaint café (I’m talking kid-sized tables and chairs), I felt like I entered a modern-esque Snow White’s cottage. Arriving just in time for the afternoon tea special, we ordered the shop’s two special mochis, the yumochi (a treat made from glutinous rice with pieces of yohkan, a jellied red bean dessert) and the warabimochi (a jelly-like sweet made from bracken starch covered in kinako) with a cup of pure matcha green tea on the side. This is my first time trying the concentrated tea even though I’m a big matcha green tea latte fan. Knowing it has an abundance of health benefits, it was a bit bitter to my liking; however, it paired quite nicely with the mochi sweets. Also, it comes in the cutest packaging, making it the perfect souvenir for those sweet tooths back home.
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Till next time,
neon green tse parfaitChimoto Yumochi Shop (map here)
690 Yumoto, Hakone-machi 
Ashigarashimo-gun, Japan
t: +81.460.85.5632
h: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (closed on Wednesdays)


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