Lunch Spot :: Hatsuhana Soba Noodle Restaurant, Hakone

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We’ve practically tried everything on our list of Japanese food, from sushi to ramen to Harajuku crepes. All was left was a good bowl of soba noodles.

hakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant interiorhakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant interiorhakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant tea-chopstickshakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant tempura-soba-noodleshakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant vegetarianhakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant original sobahakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant original soba noodleshakone hatsuhana soba noodle restaurant patio
pink-location-iconLocation :: Hakone, Japan

After our relaxing hot spring retreat in Atami, we stopped by Hakone for the afternoon. Being a particularly cold winter day after sightseeing Mount Fuji, all we needed was a delicious bowl of noodles to warm our tummy. Knowing there was a recommended soba house (thank you trusty travel guide) in Hakone, we decided to have our lunch there.

Making noodles since 1934, Hatsuhana Soba is a household name in the soba noodle industry. Tucked away in the quieter part of town right by the canal, Hatsuhana gave off a very homey feeling. From the traditional architecture to the aesthetically pleasing interior design (a ribbon of windows on one side of the restaurant to admire the view), it made for the perfect lunch spot.

Back home we tend to favour the cold soba (we’re big fans of making it with a side of avocado, cucumber and baked salmon), but because of the chilly day, we decided to go with their hot savory broth option. While my sister ordered it with a side of tempura, I was boring and ordered the original, which included a soft-boiled egg. If you’re vegetarian, they also offer a veggie version with plenty of greens and mushrooms.

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Hatsuhana Soba (Map here)
Yumoto 47, Ashigarashimo-gun,
Kanagawa Prefecture, Hakone
t. +81-460-85-8287
h. 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)


  1. My husband is Japanese and I have visited Tokyo. I love Japanese food. Your pictures are fabulous, thank you for the virtual tour!

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