Dear Tokyo, Part II

tokyo asakusa lanterntokyo asakusa dragon lantern

tokyo asakusa shoptokyo asakusa templetokyo asakusa shoptokyo asakusa souvenirstokyo mochi standtokyo asakusa icecreamtokyo asakusa green tea icecreamtokyo asakusa templetokyo asakusa temple claudetokyo asakusa sacred watertokyo asakusa lucky charmstokyo asakusa claudetokyo asakusa fortune boxestokyo asakusa tying fortune knotstokyo asakusa knotted fortunes

pink-location-iconLocation :: Asakusa, Tokyo

Known for its famous Buddhist temple Senso-ji, Asakusa is one of those popular neighbourhoods where tourists flock to get their hands on some yummy souvenirs (like a bagful of matcha green tea rice crackers!) and adorable Japanese charms and trinkets. Like a kid in a candy store, there was so much to see, taste and buy! Running through the crowded street to take a picture of the wall of ice-cream at one vendor was definitely a high point, but my favourite memory was having my aunt take me through the Buddhist ritual. From walking through the burning incense smoke for good luck, to drinking from the fountain of sacred water, to tying my fortune with the rest of the beautiful knots, I , the typical tourist, could not ask for a more incredible experience. So as I’m sitting here finishing up this travel photo diary, you can imagine how one can be experiencing major Japanese withdrawal. While booking the next plane ticket may not be the best idea (however this Polar Vortex is making me wonder why not), I guess in the meantime I can only scroll through my photos again and again, you know, just until a transporter is invented.

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aqua blue tse parfait


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