Feel-Good Ramen :: UmaUma Hikarieten うま馬 ヒカリエ店

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 While the temperature in Tokyo was nowhere close to being as cold as Toronto (-30˚C people!), it wasn’t quite as pleasant as I had hoped for with grey skies looming over the city during the first couple of days. And unlike Canada, the house I stayed at didn’t have the luxury of central heating.

Tokyo Hakata Uma Uma Ramen Noodles Although it was far from downtown Tokyo and quite inconvenient to get around without a car, I had the best of time staying outside the city with my family friends. Aside from saving money, I had the opportunity to experience the true domestic Japanese culture. I’m talking sleeping on tatamis (with a comfy futon of course), watching tv by the kotatsu (a blanket covered-wooden table with a heat source underneath) and taking relaxing baths after a long day of touring the city.

Tokyo Hakata Uma Uma Ramen Noodles So on my first day in Tokyo, I decided to hit up Shibuya, the shopping district. Avoiding the rain, I decided to go to a relatively new (and ultra hip) mall called Hikarie. It hosts many independent Japanese clothing and beauty boutiques from floors one to five and various restaurants and cafés on floors six and seven. The mall also houses a gallery space on the eighth floor, which is a great place to check out after a meal. After what seemed like forever commuting on the most complex train system I’ve ever experienced, it was noon by the time I arrived in Shibuya. And since I had breakfast quite early in the morning (#jetlagproblems), you can say I was ravenously hungry. With the abundance of restaurants to choose from, I settled on a ramen place – simple and delicious.

Tokyo Hakata Uma Uma Ramen Noodles While the restaurant had a lunch special where you can order a bowl of ramen with a side order of their famous gyozas included, I opted just for the in-house special (my stomach was technically still on Canada time aka asleep). Use to seeing thicker ramen noodles, I was pleasantly surprised to see how thin the noodles were. I later found out that this restaurant serves Hakata style ramen, one of the top three styles of Japanese ramen that are distinct for their firm texture and thin, straight and white in appearance. Combined with the rich tonkotsu (pork bone) soup base, it was exactly what I needed after a morning of walking in the rain. Tokyo Hakata Uma Uma Ramen Noodles


Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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UmaUma Hikarieten (See map here)
Shibuya Hikarie 7F, 2-21-1, Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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    1. It was really yummy but I think there are many other ramen noodles houses just as good 🙂 no, don’t speak Japanese so navigating was quite difficult and unfortunately not many people know English. Many of the newer trains have the PA telling you what the next stop is in Japanese and English, but not all, so definitely prep before your trip.

    1. Yep! Hikari-e is literally right at Shibuya station and the restaurant is on the 7th floor. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely go check it out when I’m in town! 🙂

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