Dear Tokyo, Part I

japanese tatami stylejapanese shiba inu dog musashi

tokyo subway station

tokyo subway paying stationtokyo subway platform

tokyo vending machinetokyo subway train

tokyo honey bartokyo tsukiji fish market

tokyo no sushi sign

tokyo tsukiji fish market shrine

tokyo street stand

tokyo bicyclestokyo shinjuku intersection

tokyo shinjuki streets

tokyo shinjuki intersection

tokyo green payphonetokyo shinjuku isetan

night lights of shinjuku tokyo



It’s been exactly 12 years since I’ve been back to Japan, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I had the opportunity to travel to the motherland of my favourite cuisine this past holiday. From the most delicious (and fresh!) sushi I’ve ever tasted (more on that later) to the most well-mannered pedestrians to the best espresso bar I’ve come across (more on this too), it was everything I had imagined this bustling city to be like.  Making sure I made the most of each day (who knew eight days in one city was not enough?), my schedule was pretty jam-packed with typical tourist locations and must-go places to eat, hence why I’m spitting my Tokyo Photo Diary into two (or more!) posts. Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Thanks for reading.
Till next time,

aqua blue tse parfait


    1. Thanks Amy! It really was quite picturesque if I can describe Tokyo that way. 🙂 Although I just came back from my trip, I’m already super jelly you get to go back!

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