Trip Down Memory Lane :: Restaurant L’Express, Montreal

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little over a year since my road trip to Montreal with my best friend. Feeling a bit nostalgic for those days when I only need to play hooky get assignments done early just so I can enjoy a foodie weekend with the bestie.

Express bistro bar

After a lovely (and picturesque!) Saturday morning spent at Pikolo Espresso Bar and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the Impressionist exhibition, we headed over to Restaurant l’Express to indulge on some delicious French cuisine.

Express bistro dining room

As our maitre d’ led us through the buzzy restaurant to our seats, I was struck by the aesthetics of the interior design. While black and white tiles filled the floor,  vintage black and white photographs of the restaurant and staff occupied the red walls. With the restaurant bustling with with locals and carrying the same je ne sais quoi aura as the brasseries in Paris, I was instantly reminded of my first trip to Europe a few years back.

Express bistro roasted quail

Knowing we still had a couple of food hot spots to hit up in the afternoon, we agreed on eating a relatively light meal. While my friend ordered the delectable roasted quail leg with wild rice, I opted for a sautéed duck confit salad. Now, I usually don’t order salads when I eat out because I think I make a pretty darn good one at home. However, when my eyes met with the words duck confit on the menu, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. And boy, was I glad I ordered it. The flavours of the duck combined with the sautéed French peas paired deliciously with the raw spinach and radish. With the juice from the meat seeping right into the greens, the salad made for the perfect lunch.

Express bistro duck confit salad

After such a satisfying meal, I decided right then and there that this was not the last time I’ll be visiting Restaurant l’Express. With fresh sea bass, shrimp risotto and the intriguing bone marrow we saw another table order still left on the menu, there is still much delicious dishes yet for me to sample. For families who are looking for a place to catch up on the weekend to couples who want to get a taste of Paris without paying for a plane ticket, I would recommend this French bistro to anyone.

Express bistro exterior


Location :: Montreal, Canada

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Restaurant l’Express (map here)
3927 St Denis Street
Montreal, Quebec City
H2W 2M4 ‎
t: 514.845.5333

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