Top 10 picks of this season’s hottest trend

 Is it just me or have coats always looked so beautiful? 

If you’ve had a conversation with me in the past month, you would know exactly how obsessed I am about coats. Actually, obsessed might not even be strong enough of a word to describe this infatuation.

coat streetstyle

My eyes have never been so drawn to this fall/winter essential in the past. However, with my days on a Canada Goose-filled campus behind me, I have officially entered into this world where I no longer need to be bundled up in a heavy-duty down coat. With street style stars of London Fashion Week as my inspiration and colourful coats taking over decorated shop windows, e-commerce sites and editorial spreads, the options are endless.

coat streetstyle

While some may argue I have more than enough coats to last me this season (but then again, I was the girl who lived to tell the tale of that year when I tackled the harsh winter with a rain jacket and two sweaters alone), it doesn’t stop them from calling out to me as I walk past store after store. From coats that are more or less within my unpaid internship budget to my holy grail, I’m counting down my top 10 picks of the season (and reasons why!), one coat at a time.

My Top 10 Coats of This Season: 

(Click & scroll)

So am I the only one being ridiculously passionate about the coat trend this season or is there someone out there who completely understands my weird obsession?

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

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*Images via Pinterest


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