I have never been an obsessive follower of the Man Repeller nor have I read her recently released book/memoir Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. (Although it does seem like it’s a book I should have amongst my growing coffee table book collection). However, last night I decided to go see Leandra Medine at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street. Well, to be fair, the real reason I attended the event was to support my editor, Randi Bergman of who drilled asked fun and intriguing questions on who Medine looks to for style inspiration (fyi it’s Kanye and the men of the J.Crew catalog), her Fendi leather jogging pants and her book, obviously.

As I stood amidst the crowd of well-dressed fans, I can see why millions of followers religiously head over to her blog everyday. Seeing her only in street style photos, Medine never seemed real to me, but only existed in this fantasy world of glamorous editors, stylists and bloggers. But as she sat there in front of me talking about her personal life and her book, I realized she’s just a regular NYC girl who just happens to have her sh** together before the age of 25. With her quirky and animated personality, Man Repeller has officially been added to my list of girl crushes.

Here are 5 things I learned from Man Repeller: 

1. (My style) is not really about repelling men, but dressing the way I like. Don’t purposely dress sexy for your man.

2. Don’t be silenced by your pen, just write what you want.

3. Going from blog to book is like going from a farmhouse to a corporate building. It takes hard work.

4. Come to terms with what works for you. Choose clothes that works for your body and not what looks amazing on Karlie Kloss (unless you have a body like Karlie Kloss, then go for it!)

5. Love yourself first, make room for men later.

Till next time,

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