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Sorry I’ve been MIA on this blog (2 months to be exact). Please don’t blame me, but I may have thought about leaving this blog forever. To tell you the truth, I was discouraged and no longer motivated to continue blogging with my personal style not as interesting or experimental like other bloggers out there.

But we’re officially back! Well, one half of Tse Parfait. The little one is back in school and swarmed with work, so she’ll only be making a few appearances here and there. As for me, I’ve officially joined the adult world, which means tons of time to churn out some blog-worthy content – we hope. So thank you to those who stuck around waiting for any sort of activity and to those who constantly reminded me I had a blog. For those who decided to stop following, I honestly don’t blame you.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you would know I underwent my first editorial internship this past summer. And let me tell you, it totally changed my life in the most gratifying way. I had the best editor (in my books) who was both critical and supportive. I’ve never learned so much in so little time. I may not be the best writer (far from it!), but it never discouraged me. With this newfound passion, I was hungry to learn more about the industry of fashion and was encouraged to always strive to be better.

It’s been three weeks since the internship ended. Although it was stressful (and crazy busy!), I already miss being part of that world. Fortunately, I bumped into my former editor  yesterday and she reminded me to never stop writing. Encouraged by her words and want to make sure all that hard work and training doesn’t go to waste, I’ve decided to take this blog in a different direction. Don’t worry, I’m going to continue with my #ootd and the never-ending #foodporn, but I also want to write about things I’m interested in and curious about. Dedicating this blog to those who are like me, this is going to be a space for me to not only educate myself of the industry, but also to share my passion and knowledge to those who admire and appreciate the world of fashion. So feel free to ask me questions about fashion (no such thing as stupid questions!) and I’ll try my best to find the answers. Let the conversation begin!

Till next time,

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  1. I am happy to see that you are following your passion! 🙂 I am always supporting you from behind! Can not wait to see what you will be posting next!

    mini question: I am alway struggling to find the perfect maxi skirt. Im not very tall (probably 5’3)… I am worry it will make me look even shorter 😦 any suggestions and what type of top would you pair it with?


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