MORNING GEM :: Pikolo Espresso Bar

Hi everyone,

What’s better than starting the day right with a nice cup of coffee.

pikolo espresso bar :: tse parfait

To be honest, we sisters are more tea kind of gals, but that doesn’t stop us from having a delicious cup of soy latte from time to time. =)

pikolo menu :: tse parfait

Taking a mini trip to Montreal for the weekend, I was determined to find a cute café. You know, a neighbourhoud gem where the locals go to get their morning jolt. So lucky for us, Pikolo Espresso Bar was in our neighbourhood and only a couple of minutes away!

espresso bar :: tse parfait

We loved the ambience right when we stepped in. The coffee and baked goods aroma literally filled the café along with the sounds of soft chattering amongst the locals. Even though it is a relatively small café, it never once made us feel claustrophobic. With high tables and chairs on one side of the wall, a second level seating area, and bar table by the window, the use of space was used efficiently.

various muffins :: tse parfait

What I loved most about this place was their delicious store baked goods, especially their muffins. Not only are the flavours unique, but they also lean towards the nutritious side, being the health nut I am. What I would do to be able to just take a bite from each muffin!

quinoa x cranberry muffin :: tse parfait

In the end, we decided on two: a cranberry quinoa muffin and a pecan squash muffin. Both were not too heavy and not too sweet. Perfect for those who prefer a lighter meal in the morning.squash x pecan muffin :: tseparfait

Paired this lovely muffin with my usual soy latte. Silky smooth. Just the way I like latte x muffin :: tseparfait

So grateful to be able to capture this moment of good friends meeting up in front of a coffee shop. There’s always something special about a local espresso bar! =)

friends :: tse parfait

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

Pikolo Espresso Bar (map)
3418 Park Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2H7
t: 514.508.6800


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