Chocoholic’s Dream, Take 2 :: Nadège Patisserie

Hi everyone!

So we have some really exciting news to share with you all. A couple of weekends ago, we were very lucky to be invited to our very first tasting at Nadège Patisserie!

 Since it was our first time visiting the Rosedale location,  we noticed the theme of the store is quite different from what we were used to seeing at their Queen Street location. While the Queen Street location centres on a white minimalist theme, the Rosedale location revolved around a darker and warmer tone.

 So what makes the Rosedale location so special? While the Queen Street location focuses mostly around their delicious macarons, here at the Rosedale location, they exclusively craft and sell their exquisite house-made chocolate truffles made by their in-house Lyonnais chocolatier. Scared you’ll feel a little nostalgic for their macarons and other sweets? Don’t worry, at this location they still sell their charming sweet treats like their home-made marshmallows, mini cakes, sandwiches, and their famous collection of colourful macarons, brought in fresh every morning.

Every time we visit Nadège Patisserie we can truly see that Nadège definitely puts a lot of thought into her designs whether it is choosing the ingredients in the desserts, the design of the chocolate, or the showcasing of her various desserts.

 Now on to the best part: chocolate. We love chocolate, and we feel like as we get older, the more we appreciate the darker side of the chocolate world. At first glance, the chocolates were perfectly organized and grouped with their flavours. They all look so uniformed with the colour of the design representing its flavour. Janet, offered us to taste a few of their interesting, yet delicious chocolates out of the 11 offered flavours. We hear they are in the works to bring in a few new flavours by Christmas. So you better watch out for them!

 To start off, we tried the Roquefort (blue cheese) and Dark Chocolate. What? Blue cheese with chocolate? Does that even work? Not being fans of blue cheese, we’re not going to lie, but we were a little hesitant to try it. Taking a small bite, we were immediately hit with the flavour of blue cheese; however, surprisingly, the richness of the dark chocolate completely balanced the taste of the cheese. Who knew blue cheese and dark chocolate paired so nicely.

 If you’re a big fan of goat cheese, you’ve got to try their Goat Cheese & Dark Chocolate. Unlike the Roquefort, the taste of goat cheese is much more prominent, which lingers in your mouth even after trying a couple more chocolates.  Definitely one of the more bolder chocolates from the bunch.

 While majority of the collection was more ganâche based, the almond praline and the orange chocolate truffle had a very different texture in the centre. We would like to say they were much creamier. While the orange chocolate truffle had the similar texture of a candied orange, the almond truffle was like eating the wafer part of the ferrero rocher because of its bits of crunchy goodness.

 Out of all the chocolates, we agreed that the most exotic truffle was the Cayenne Pepper & Dark Chocolate (68% Chana). Inspired by the huge success of their limited “Sweet Revenge” macaron for the Canadian Opera Company’s 9th annual Operanation fundraiser, Nadège decided to create a truffle with similar ingredients. We definitely recommend it for the people who enjoy a little spice in their life. After taking your first bite, it tasted like any other dark chocolate, but after waiting for literally 10 seconds, the hotness of the pepper kicks in. It was definitely one of the more memorable ones.

 Doing what she does best, Nadège incorporates the success of the macarons flavours into her truffles to gain the familiar experiences. The Pistachio & Dark Chocolate tastes exactly the same as their pistachio macaron. Haven’t had their pistachio macaron since the end of summer, taking a bite into this truffle immediately brought back memories.

 As a gift, we were each given a tablet from their collection of lovely alphabet chocolate tablets. We find this a clever way to show off how creative a chocolatier’s imagincation can be. With each letter representing a different flavour, it was very hard to choose which one you wanted to taste. They not only had typical flavours like almond, coffee, orange, and pomegranate, but they had exquisite ones like ‘D’ for ‘Dynamite’ which we were told were rock candy in the chocolate. How amazing is that? So after a long and painful process, Ren finally decided to choose the letter N for Noisette, which was hazelnut and cranberries, I chose the letter F for Fleur de Sel: sea salt.

We could not ask for a better way to spend our Saturday afternoon. It was honestly one of the best experiences. We not only want to thank Nadège for inviting us, but also Janet, the manager, for being an amazing host, and of course Amy from Amy’s Food Adventures for sharing this experience with the two of us!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

Nadège Patisserie (click here for map!)
1099 Yonge Street
Toronto, Canada
M4W 2L7
t. 416.968.2011


    1. Haha…we just want to share all these wonderful experiences with our readers!
      They are definitely too pretty to eat, but once you taste one, you won’t be able to stop! =P
      Looking back at that matcha green tea cake, we regret not trying it. Guess we’ll have to stop by again soon!

  1. I didn’t know they had a Rosedale location! My boyfriend and I are in love with their strawberry+pistachio tart and early gray+pink grapefruit (i.e. perfect for breakfast) tart. Will have to try some of those creative (and beautiful, as all things Nadege are) chocolates as well.

    1. Yes they do! The design of the Rosedale location is totally different from their Queen Street location, but the standard is just as amazing.
      I’ve actually never tried their tarts. I really should get on that…
      Let me know what you think of the chocolate when you get the chance to try some! =)

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