Insta-Parfait :: September

Hi everyone,

We just want to apologize to all our wonderful readers for the lack of posts these past 2 weeks. As we’ve mentioned before, things are a little crazy with school, and we still really haven’t had a chance to sort it all out. Don’t worry, we’re both going to try really hard to pump out some posts from now on!

Even though we weren’t present on our blog, we’re always on Pinterest land and in Instagram world! So if you’re ever curious to see what inspires us daily or what we’ve been up to (mainly eating), be sure to follow us @tseparfait!

1. go-to sushi roll :: Black Deluxe Dragon
2. bunny love :: Urban Outfitters’ Bunny Ring Holder
3. afternoon snack :: Gluten-Free Honey x Ginger Granola Bar
4. japanese souvenirs :: Osaka no Koibito White Chocolate Biscuits
5. windmills x countryside
6. coffee time :: Café Latte x Homemade Green Tea Brownies
7. cooking with bestie. Martha Stewart style :: Kale x Tomato Whole Wheat Penne
8. cookie monster :: my friend’s adorable t-shirt
9. chinese baked goods :: Pineapple Bun

Can’t wait to be home this long weekend to reunite with Claude!

Thanks for reading!
Till next time,


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