CHOCOHOLIC’S DREAM :: Soma Chocolatemaker

Hi everybody,

When was the last time we did a food post? Actually, don’t answer that. It’s been too long. Such a dreary day today, so I thought I  would perk it up by recommending some place sweet.

On the streetcar to work one day, I passed by Soma Chocolatemaker. Recognizing the name, I immediately texted my best friend. You see, the one she constantly raved about was situated in Toronto’s Distillery District and I was at the corner of King Street West and Spadina Avenue. Something just didn’t add up.  Later she confirmed that Soma did indeed have 2 locations. Excited, I decided to stop by at the end of the day on my way home because let’s be real…their name has the word “chocolatemaker” in it.

Soma Chocolatemaker is one of the few artisan chocolatemakers in North America that make their chocolate directly from the cocoa beans. Purchasing cocoa beans from plantations from around the world including Dominican Republic, Madasgascar, Costa Rica, and Panama, visitors can view the making of chocolate in their very own micro-chocolate factory showcased in their chocolate boutique.

As I stepped into the shop, I was hit with the aroma of chocolate.  Overwhelmed by the abundance of chocolate bars, chocolate covered treats, gelato, cookies, truffles, biscotti, I reminded myself to keep calm and breathe. You can’t blame me though. I literally landed in a chocolate factory. But a chic rustic-looking one. =)

Not only do they have chocolate treats, they also offer chocolate elixirs at the coffee bar. I opted for their pure and simple Classic Hot Chocolate served with a frothy milk. Their hot chocolates are specially created by blending chocolate in this machine, which results in the divine taste of pure chocolate.  None of that powder/syrup stuff that other coffee places serve. The hot chocolate was rich in taste, and it balanced really well with the milk. Taking it to the bar by the window, I sipped my hot chocolate and daydreamed. The taste was nice and smooth with just bits of grounded chocolate as I go to the end of my drink. It was just what I needed after a long day at work.

After finishing my hot chocolate, I walked around to get a better glimpse of the types of treats Soma offers. They definitely have a great variety that can satisfy any chocoholic’s cravings. I really wanted to try them all! Knowing I should pick up some for my family, I ended up purchasing their Dark Peruvian Chocolate bar with dried cranberries and cherries, as well as their candied orange slices dipped in Dark Peruvian Chocolate. Mmm…they were heavenly!

I definitely need to head back here to get my dose of much needed chocolate. Also, may I add that their slogan cannot be more perfect:
 A place to eat, drink, and worship chocolate.

Thanks for reading,
Till next time,

Soma Chocolatemaker
32 Tank House Lane // 443 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
t: 416.815.7662


  1. chocolate elixirs… that spoke to me. lol
    If only we had that here… there’s really no good bakery or sweet/chocolate shop/cafe here. I have to travel far that. I think I would fall in love if I entered a shop that smells like chocolate or even cakes…yumm..

    1. Aww…I actually don’t have one really close to my house either. It was quite a trip to visit here. I think it’s a good thing that it isn’t close to home, though, because I might end up living there. =P

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