Dapper Gent :: Meet Christian

Hi everyone,

Just saying a quick hello on this fine Saturday with another one of Tse Parfait’s Dapper Gents, Christian!

So excited to have another one of our stylish friends featured on our blog. We really hope you’re enjoying this new segment as much as we are!

Not going to lie, but I was really nervous at first because I’ve never photographed guys and did not know how to direct them to pose a certain way. Let’s face it, guys just can’t pose the same way as girls. 😛

In the end, I just told them to be natural by walking around, while I feverishly caught those “in between” moments whether they were buttoning up the shirt, rolling up the sleeves, or fixing the watch.

Conscious that they were a tad uncomfortable since it was their first time doing something like this, really grateful to have such great friends who were super patient with me, while I madly clicked my camera around them.

Can’t wait to have Christian here on the blog again!

Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
Shirt :: H&M (many styles here)
Trousers :: H&M (similar style here)
Shoes :: Aldo (similar style here)
Watch :: TAG Heuer (similar style here) / Belt :: Danier / Sunnies :: Ray Ban


  1. Oh, how do you know so many dapper men?! So many of my friends are simply t-shirt/polo and shorts guys. ^^;
    Anyways, he looks ever so charming – what a genuine smile.

    ♥ xixia

    1. Haha…I don’t know, but we’re very definitely grateful to have such fashion admirable people around us. They are all so inspirational! =)
      He definitely does! I will pass on your sweet message to him!

  2. Awww….great shots! and super good job for a first at capturing photos of men. You caught the good and natural angles,hehe

    Yeah Christian is camera shy but im sure he wont be very soon,lol

    Lovely post and love the concept!!!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! It really means a lot to hear that you liked the shots and this post!

      This will definitely not be the last time you’ll see my dapper friends on this blog, so definitely stay tuned! =)

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