Fancy Grilled Cheese :: Leslieville Cheese Market, Toronto

Hi everybody,

First thing’s first. We’re not really grilled cheese sandwich kind of girls. Guess it’s not something we grew up with. We’ve never had it for lunch at school and it’s never something we’ve ordered when we eat out. I know…shocking!
Not having the time to make lunch the night before, I decided to make a trip to Leslieville Cheese Market to grab their famous gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, which is just walking distance away from where I worked. According to BlogTo, it is on the list for the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto too! Score!
The Queen Street West location is a cute rustic store with a huge selection of local and global cheese, cured meat, and gourmet snacks. As an incentive for our lovely T.O readers, Leslieville Cheese Market is currently having a summer sale where they are offering their sandwiches half off!!! It’s pretty incredible.

 Offering only a selection of sandwiches, it’s nice variety nonetheless. Since it was my first time there, it made sense to just get The Classic: Aged Cheddar with Dijon Mustard. I didn’t want to be too adventurous; however, the Creamy Blue Cheese & Grilled Pear did sound kind of nice. For those gluten-free diners, Leslieville offers gluten-free options for their Classic. According to their Twitter feed, if you order gluten free, you get more cheese!
Love having my sandwiches pressed in a panini grill making the cheese just ooze out.

 I’m no grilled cheese expert, but I found it to be a good ratio of the bread and the cheese. Since it’s on rosemary bread, it’s got a nice spice added to the overall sandwich as well. Very flavourful. It was also nice to see that Leslieville makes their own unique tomato chutney as a condiment for the grilled cheese. It paired really well with the sandwich, but I think I preferred to have the grilled cheese on its own without the dip.
They also offer cheese and wine classes taught by their cheese industry experts. Such a great way to not only know more about cheese but also learn to appreciate it paired with a glass of wine.
Summer is ending, so why not head on over to Leslieville to grab that half off sandwich for lunch! It’s definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
Leslieville Cheese Market
541 Queen Street West of Spadina
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2B6
t: 416.361.3111


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