Black and White Cupcake

Hey everybody,
Remember our visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes? Okay, well since then, we’ve been following them on Twitter and Facebook. We’re obsessed with their daily ritual. The first 50 people to whisper the “phrase of the day,” they receive a free cupcake. A FREE CUPCAKE! Anyways, their most recent one “grin & BEAR it” made me want to pick up my stuff and move to the sunny coast. Look at this. It’s a teddy bear on the frosting on a chocolate cupcake! Come on, I’m being rational here, right? =)
So inspired by my obsession, I put together an outfit with black to represent the Belgian dark chocolate cake, and white for the creamy vanilla frosting. Okay…I really need to stop.
Loving this outfit, but not much of a chance to wear it because I find it a tad formal to wear it to my regular outings to an HK style café. Maybe if I switch out of the heels for a pair of comfy converse. Speaking of comfort, haven’t had the chance to break into these heels yet. Could hardly fit my left foot in. 😦  It’s so inconvenient when you have two slightly different sized feet. Anybody else have this problem?
p.s. Looking at these pictures I realize how long my hair was.  I think it’s the longest I have ever grown it. Definitely need a hair cut ASAP!
Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
Top :: Juin
Shorts :: Chanel (vintage)
Bag :: Chanel
Shoes :: Michael Kors
Accessories ::
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Ring: Anthropologie / Bracelet: BHLDN


  1. Oh my gosh, that bear is too adorable!! I am more of a Crumbs fan, due to all their zany flavors, but Sprinkles is wonderful as well. I like how color blocked their cupcakes are. Too cute.
    Great outfit – I’m liking those high waisted shorts.

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