Style Muse :: Meet Kat

Hi everybody,

We could not be more excited to share a little something special with you today. For our style muses with inspiring careers, we’ve decided to include some questions of style!
So meet Kat. She’s got a pretty epic job as a men’s booker at one of Canada’s top model agency, Elmer Olsen Model Management where she helps manage the intense schedules of their agency’s male models on a national and international stage. When she’s not taking care of her adorable bunnies or watching classic black & white movies, she manages her personal blog, Portrait of a Tailored Girl, where she uses it as an outlet to find inspiration and share her personal style. She’s one of the most stylish “real life” girl I have ever known. She honestly reminds me of someone who stepped out of a 60s movie. She is someone who would go to an outdoor picnic in a Jackie O inspired dress accessorized with a pearl necklace and obnoxious white retro sunglasses (think Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and work it. So lucky for us, she’s here to share her style inspirations, her fashion finds, and her words of wisdom with us.

Your style in 5 words or less: 
Retro, lady-like, chic with extras

Your style icon: 
It would probably be a cross between Jackie O and David Bowie. Chic!

Where do you look to for inspiration: 
My favourite vintage stores, 60’s and 70’s fashion magazines, old French cinema, black and white rock and roll photography.

Your favourite pieces of jewelry:
 I have 2 silver rings. One with a big black onyx stone from Mexico & one with a rose quartz stone from Israel, that I never take off.

Your fragrance:
Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle

Favourite piece of clothing in your closet: 
My full length blond mink coat.

Where did you get your most treasured item: 
Most of my treasures (including the blond mink) are found at my favorite vintage stores in Toronto. Kealan from 69 Vintage always has incredible pieces. She’s helped me find some of my favorite items and always knows what I’ll love. I Miss You Vintage on Ossington Avenue has the most incredible accessories as well as well preserved vintage higher end clothes. They have the best bags and belts in Toronto and are totally affordable.

Most worn item: 
A black jumpsuit from H&M that is the perfect pulled together stylish go-to for those mornings when you wake up with about 20 minutes to run out the door to work!

One thing you’re coveting:
I need a new (vintage) fur coat for winter. I’m obsessed with vintage fur. I’m thinking of maybe a nude or camel long wool piece with a fox or mink champagne collar, and if I’m lucky, matching fur cuffs. I may have to buy pieces separately and put it together myself – it’s my dream jacket!

Go-to restaurant/café: 
High end :: George on Queen St. East is my favourite for fancier dinners.
Golden Turtle on Ossington has the best Pho in Toronto (I’m there at least once a week).

Comfort food: 
My grandma’s perogies. I fry them, coat them in shaved parmesan, and dip them in sour cream.

Coffee or tea: 
David’s tea – best thing to ever happen to a mug.

Best piece of style advice you’ve received: 
My mother always told me to make sure to look your best when you leave the house. I follow this more and more as I grow up. It makes such a significant difference in everything from your confidence to how others perceive you, your attitude towards your day, etc. Feeling great about yourself leads to positive and productive behavior.

Words of wisdom for those who are still finding their aspiring career: 
Don’t ever do anything unless it’s 100% what you want. Don’t give up too soon, but know when to move on. Do your best and take positive lessons from every experience. And be kind. A good attitude will benefit everyone around you, including yourself.

Words to live by: 
Better to be overdressed than underdressed. Anywhere and anytime.

Hope you really enjoyed this. Don’t forget to check out her blog Portrait of a Tailored Girl to see more of Kat’s daily outfits!
Thanks for reading!

Till next time,
Blouse :: Joe Fresh
Chambray trousers :: 69 Vintage
Bag :: Marc by Marc Jacobs
70’s Italian sunglasses :: 69 Vintage / Earrings :: vintage //
Necklace :: my mom’s from a trip to Croatia


  1. Ah, I totally agree with her words. That is what I say to myself each time when I’m not sure what the dress code is for events. ^^;
    She is so beautiful, and her style is so eccentric and chic. Very lovely.

    ♥ x i x i a |

    1. Do you really? It’s our first time doing an interview and we absolutely love doing it. It’s a way to let us get to know our Style Muse a little better! Glad to hear you like it &we’ll definitely try our best to keep it up!

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