Raspberry Tart

Hi Hi!
I thought I greet you guys differently on this rainy Friday. It’s my last day here at my internship and this is how my boss greets us all. I’m really going to miss this place.
 Wore this outfit to our mother and daughter dinner at Ici Bistro. During the day I wore black oxfords, but then swapped for these pink suede heels for dinner. These are my first pair of coloured heels and of course they are pink. I love love shoes because I find them a work of art. But I never seem to be able to just buy a pair of shoes without over-thinking how much wear I can get out of them. Bags are a different story. And don’t get me started on my obsession of scarves. I have way too many yet not enough…?
Now how cute is this purse? This was an impulse buy years ago, way before my love for dogs started. Seeing it perched on a glass shelf in a boutique being all pink with its black bow and jeweled collar on this dog silhouette, how could I not, right? Being the same colour as my new heels, I let them be the focal points of my outfit by going neutral with a beige silk tee and black high waisted trousers.
So tell me some of your obsessions when it comes to shopping? Is there an item you constantly grab for when you know you already have too much?
Wishing everybody a lovely and restful weekend!
Till next time,

Top: Club Monaco (similar style here)
Bottom: Talula Babaton (similar style here)
Bag: My Flat in London 48 Charles Street by Jan Haedrich
Shoes: By Malene Birger
Ring: YSLSunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Belt: Vintage /
Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Links of London & Thomas Sabo


  1. Ohhh my gosh, that little Scottish terrier on your purse is too cute!! I’m going “aww” to my screen. ^^
    You are so good at wearing heels. How do you do it?? Tell me your ways! 🙂

    ♥ x i x i a

    1. Aww…did you really? That’s so cute!!!
      I don’t think I really have a secret to wearing heels. I just wear what’s comfortable because I believe that if I’m comfortable in my heels, I walk with confidence and I think that’s really important. =)

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