Pocketful of Savoury & Sweet :: Café Crêpe, Toronto

Hi everybody,
We don’t think we’ve mentioned it before, but besides our obsession for French macarons like every girl in this world, we’re also huge fans of French crepes!
Since we’ve had our fair share of them, we know what we like, meaning we like our crepes in a particular way (Japanese hand-held styles are the best!)
After the photo shoot with Mel, we decided to go to Café Crepe to have dinner to sit down and catch up. I’ve passed by here countless of times and have wanted to go for quite some time because of their tempting take out window. Talk about a convenient way to get a crepe on-the-go! Café Crepe is a place where they hope to bring in the best of European Café traditions to North America. They not only specialize in French crepes but as well as Italian sandwiches. I heard this place can be popular. It wasn’t busy when we first arrived, so we were lucky to grab a seat in the many black leather booths in the dining area, which kind of reminds me of a diner.
Choosing what to order was quite the difficult task. I wish we could take a bite out of everything! Since we both wanted a savoury crepe and a sweet crepe, and knowing it would be too much for one person, we decided to share. It was really nice of Café Crepe to have them split the crepe for us.
We started off with the house special Annie’s Chicken Melt: Chicken Swiss Cheese, Mushroom, Tomato, and Sweet Onion Aioli. It was so delicious. Since I only had half a crepe, it was just enough to fit another half of a dessert crepe. The crepe itself wasn’t heavy, oily, or burnt. Found the crepe itself a tad thicker than I’ve had in the past. If I had one suggestion, I wish it had a better presentation. Can’t say I wasn’t a tad disappointed. Isn’t the reason why we love taking pictures of food is because they can be so pretty? But no worries, the crepe was far from plain! It was bursting with flavours as I took each bite!
Simone’s Fairytale: Nutella, Strawberry, Honey, and Cinnamon with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream. Never had this combination before! It was heavenly! All my favourite sweet ingredients found in one crepe, drizzled with chocolate and topped off with cinnamon. Absolutely divine!
If you decide to come here with a friend, I would definitely recommend you to share so then you can have the best of both worlds: dinner and dessert. I would love to come again just so I can try try their drinks. (I’m looking at you Nutella Latte!)
Thanks for reading!

Till next time,
Café Crêpe
246 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
t: 416.260.1611



  1. Oh, I visited one of these when I was in Vancouver!! I just grabbed one from their takeout counter by the side, so it was Nutella and strawberry, and it was so so divine. I wish I had one of those near me, so I could visit it at least once a week! ^^
    That savory crepe sounds amazing. I’m a new fan of them.
    ♥ xixia

  2. oh my gosh i LOVE the banana and nutella crepes you get on the side of the streets in Paris! one of my favourite memories of my trip there!

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