Some Things Are Better Rich :: Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Toronto

Hey everyone!

Last week, we wanted to go somewhere that was different from our regular coffee scene. So we decided to try an espresso bar our friend recommended us!
Dark Horse has four cafés in total: Entertainment District, Riverside, Queen West, and Chinatown.  We ended up going to the Chinatown location.
While the exterior of Dark Horse is modern-looking with big glass windows at the front of the coffee shop, the interior design gives off a rustic feel. With the espresso bar right in the centre of the café, two large communal wooden tables are placed on either side of the bar with chandeliers hanging above.  If one doesn’t prefer sharing a table, one can choose to sit on the 2nd floor behind the bar where it offers a more intimate and cozy space for customers.
We sat at the wooden tables as it was packed at the back.  It was very nice sitting at the front because the windows allowed the morning sunlight to shine into the café.
Hot chocolate…mmm. We were very excited to see the barista design a heart on the foam.  Knowing we were taking pictures, he purposely poured the milk ever so slowly to let us take pictures of him making the design.  He felt quite pressured when put under the spotlight. =) The hot chocolate was the best we have ever tasted.  It actually tasted like we were drinking a piece of melted dark chocolate rather than some powdery/artificial mix.  It wasn’t too sweet or thick. It was just right.
We sisters aren’t big coffee drinkers, but I can honestly drink this everyday! The soy latte we ordered was such a perfect balance of milk & espresso and the foam was thick just the way we liked it!
We also ordered a cup of Americano. Freshly brewed with a rich taste, drinking the coffee made us feel so relaxed.  The whole experience makes you feel like you are in the comfort of your own home where you can study or catch up on some work and not feel rushed to leave in a hurry. You can say we were in our happy place. 
Hopefully we didn’t hype it up too much. Maybe it’s because we’re deprived of good coffee where we live. But if you are ever getting tired of drinking coffee from the big chain stores, Dark Horse is an amazing place to try!

Do you have any go-to cafés in your neighbourhood?

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,
Tse Parfait
Dark Horse Espresso Bar
215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
t: 416.979.1200


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