Marshmallow Twist

Hey everyone!
So happy that it did not rain during this photoshoot!
We wanted to find a white wall because my dress was very colourful and we didn’t want too many colours in the background that could possibly take the attention away from it.  I was pretty scared where I was standing because if I had tripped or accidentally had taken a wrong step back, I would have fallen and definitely have broken something!  (It’s good that I decided to opt for the boots instead of heels for this.)
This purse is a perfect for summer outfits. I love how it can be turned into a small evening bag or a shoulder bag for the day with just the adjustment of the chain.
This asymmetrical dress is the most colourful thing I own in my closet! It kind of reminds me of those yummy pastel marshmallow treats. It’s honestly such a nice change because I usually wear basic colours like black, beige, navy, grey, etc. Depending on my mood the event, I think I can style it both casually or a bit more formally. I’ll have to see!
Since I wanted to pair this dress with boots, it ended up being a more casual look. I recently bought these cowboy boots because I realized that a lot of my boots are black and I needed a colour that worked with the spring/summer and I guess fall season. And to top it all off, they are super comfortable!
Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

.: Outift :.
Dress: Thanks to SugarLips!  
Bag: Chanel
Boots: Miss Sixty
Accessories: Belt & Ring: Anthropologie ;
Bracelets: BHLDN (same here) / Vintage ; Aviators: Michael Kors 


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