Taste of Italy :: Fabbrica, Toronto

Hi everybody,

This Wednesday we’re back with a restaurant recommendation!
Fabbrica is an Italian cuisine and one of the four restaurants owned by renowned chef Mark McEwan, located near their gourmet grocery market, McEwan at Shops at Don Mills. This is actually our second restaurant that we have recommended under the McEwan Group. (Remember One Restaurant?)
Fabbrica prides itself using the finest ingredients, such as their Roma tomatoes that are ripened in the San Marzano valley for their sauces, and their flour hand-milled in Naples for their pasta and pizza dough.
The interior design is unique with modern lines combined with a rustic feel.  What caught our eye was their open kitchen concept where they have a wood-burning brick pizza oven from Naples, in which their pizzas are cooked from raw dough to a crisp in less than 90 seconds. Amazing!
It was nice to have their complimentary loaf of bread fresh from the oven. So warm and fluffy!

Antipasto: Prosciutto, Cacciatorino, Capicollo, and Bresola.

 We started with their antipasto. We ordered the four types of Salumi: Prosciutto, Cacciatorino, Capicollo, and Bresola. Pairing it with the toasted baquettes and a bit of mustard paste…it was delicious.

Prosciutto e Arugula Pizza

 The Prosciutto e Arugula pizza was one of the yummiest pizzas we have ever had.  The pizza was perfectly toasted in their oven with a fresh crust, perfectly melted mozzarella cheese, delicious tomato sauce, and fresh toppings of arugula and prosciutto. It was our first time ordering prosciutto on a pizza…best combination ever!

Insalata di Fabbrica: romaine hearts, pancetta, toasted focaccia, and garlic anchovy dressing

Mango & Limoncello Sorbetti

After our meal, my sister and I ordered a mango and lemon sorbet. Such a refreshing dessert to finish off a heavy meal.
The restaurant is broken into a few sections, each having a different atmosphere, some more intimate than others. We sat near the open kitchen, so it had more of a bistro style. A private room is available with a long dining table that had a bit of a countryside charm to it.
We especially loved how the restaurant offered booth seats. It makes for a comfortable setting for families, friends, and co-workers.
I especially loved their bar/lounge area because during the summer, the restaurant opens their windows to extend it to the patio. For the customers who prefer sitting inside to avoid the direct sunlight, they too can enjoy the summer atmosphere from inside the restaurant.
Overall, we really enjoyed our time here. We were not disappointed. The service was impeccable and was up to par with their other McEwan restaurants!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,
Tse | Parfait

49 Karl Fraser Road
Toronto, Canada
M3C 0E5
t: 416.391.0307
$: $$$


  1. Oh my…I’m hungry! That pizza looks absolutely divine – I love pizzas done in brick pizza ovens. Now I crave it constantly. Beautiful pictures and lovely review!

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