DIY :: Helloberry-inspired Bracelet

Hi everybody,

Happy Friday!!!
Like promised, today we are featuring SZ‘s 1st ever DIY tutorial on her fabulous Helloberry-inspired bracelets! (seen here on Renée and here on SZ)
Sizes: skinny (turquoise) , medium (yellow), large (white), mega caterpillar (black)
Supplies: Chain from Michaels, pliers, plastic lace from Michaels, super glue, scissors, tape (optional), ruler (optional)
Step 1: Measure the chain for half of your wrist & cut it from the rest of the chain with pliers.

Step 2: Loop the lace through the chain at both ends and measure  the widest part of your hand. Then, fold the lace around with an extra “half” length of lace to spare before cutting it.

Step 3: Start with the short piece of the lace looped around the chain like so.

Step 4: Then cut a longer piece of lace – depending on the size, it will be _____ times the length of the chain.
small – 12x
medium – 22x
large – 42x
Start with the middle of the long piece placed like so.

Step 5: Loop left side over the middle of the shorter piece

Step 6: Take the right side and loop it OVER the left piece and UNDER the smaller piece of the  lace.

Step 7: Pull.

Step 8: Do the same thing but starting with the loop on the other side. Pull and alternate throughout the bracelet

Here is an example of skinny bracelet.
Here is a close-up shot.
Step 9: When you’ve braided two-thirds of the shorter lace, measure it to the widest part of your hand, cut the lace that’s folded over and super glue it together to form a loop. Then keep braiding it till the end to close off the chain.
Step 10: To braid the medium and large sizes, start to braid on top of the skinny braid.
Step 11: To close off the bracelet, put super glue between your last knot and pull to close.
Step 12: Cut the ends off as well.
Ta-da! You’re done!
* Tips:
1) Be careful with the super glue!
2) No need to pull super hard. As long as the lace is in place, you’re good. If you use different degrees of force, the bracelet won’t be as uniformed.
3) Be careful of the lace twisting in the back of the bracelet.
Hope you enjoyed our first ever tutorial.

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,
Tse | Parfait
(tutorial by: SZ)


    1. I actually just got the biggest sized chain that they offered at the arts and craft store that I went to (Michael’s). With these bracelets, the size really depens on you, so you can use any size you want as long as it’s relatively thick.
      The lace as well is also from Michael’s.
      Hope that helps! =)

  1. Thank you SO much for this step by step tutorial I have been trying to make these for over a month now and haven’t been able to get it right here I was doing it wrong all along! Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hey! We didn’t know there are different width for the lace because we on have one size here. I’m sure once you start braiding it, it wouldn’t really be that thin. Sorry for not being much help!

  2. i made one, but when i had to seperate the links with the pilers, it strach my link. how do you prevent that?

    1. Hi Annette!
      What you can do is if you need a 9 link chain, cut it off at the 10th one and just throw that link away since it has the plier marks. Hope that helps!

  3. This was a great example. I have been making them but couldn’t figure out how to make them bigger lol, I thought I needed bigger lace…but now I know. Thanks again! Your’s came out really nice

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