Mint Sugar Glaze

Hi everybody,
It finally rained and now the grass is no longer yellow and crunchy.
Such a perfect opportunity to wear a dress today because there was a nice cool breeze that just made the dress flow.
Wellies must be one of the best inventions of all times! Whenever I see a puddle, I would have an urge to just jump in one. I just love splashing in them and knowing my feet won’t get wet. But I always have to be careful because I once had a pretty bad experience with my aunt. Let’s just leave it at that! 😛
My wellies are a necessity for me as a university student. They are not only great in the spring/summer but also in the winter (just need to wear really thick socks.)  Definitely need them to survive the cold winters walking from class to class.
What is/was your one outfit necessity for school? 
Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

.: Outfit :.
Dress: Wilfred (similar styles here)
Wellies: Hunter
Accessories: Necklace: Vintage ; Bracelets: BHLDN/Vintage


  1. What a lovely outfit and teaming your Dress with your Wellies gives it that added dash,I love Wellies and wear mine at the slightest hint of rain.

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