A Sweet Start: Rahier Pâtisserie, Toronto

Hi everybody,
It’s official. I’ve declared Wednesday to be my food day. Who doesn’t need a little yumminess to help us get through hump day?
So my mum and I first discovered Rahier through this fancy grocery store Pusateri’s. We’ve always loved their patisseries and their cakes, so finally finding the actual bakery, we decided to make a trip there for breakfast.
Entering the bakery, my eyes lit up when I saw the assortment of cakes, fruit tarts, and macarons housed in their glass display.
As I made my way towards the cashier, I realized I came a little late. It’s already passed 10 on a Saturday morning and apparently I won’t be given the chance to order my pain au chocolat. Nonetheless, I was able to get my next favourite: the almond croissant. Mum went with her raison danish, while Claude opted for the chocolate danish.
Haven’t had one of their pastries for awhile, but it was exactly how I remembered it. With the exterior light and flaky, the interior was soft with a sweet almond filling in the centre. It was so satisfying! 
If you’re looking for chocolate cakes, Rahier makes amazing ones. I’ve had their “Opera” (an almond & coffee sponge cake layered with ganache and buttercream, topped with a chocolate glaze) and their “Dumas” (a hazelnut dacquoise with dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse) a few times, and they have never disappointed. When I have my chocolate cravings, I avoid the really rich and sweet chocolate-y stuff. So for special celebrations, they are my go-to place because Rahier does it just right!
Don’t want a whole cake? No problem! They come in mini versions. That’s how our family does it. We love mooching off every one else’s piece of cake so we can try them all.
They have a wonderful little patio when the weather is nice and warm. Loved sitting in the peaceful shade with my croissant and coffee, while watching people stroll by or drive past the busy street of Bayview Ave.
I usually start my day with a breakfast cereal, but sometimes I just need a sweet start to my day. What helps you start your day?

Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

Tse | Parfait

Rahier Pâtisserie
1586 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
t: 416.482.0917


  1. Ooh, yum! So many beautiful photos of delicious food! During the week I always start my day with muesli with natural yogurt, but on the weekends I love pancakes or scrambled eggs 🙂

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