One Macaron at a Time: Lette Macarons, Beverly Hills

Hi everybody,If there is one dessert that we two sisters can agree upon, they are French macarons. I know…big deal! Who isn’t addicted to these little delicate treats? They are petite, colourful, and tasty! My love for these treats started when I was in Paris and I bought a box for my friend and I to share on the bus. It was absolutely heavenly! Wanting my parents and Claude to try it, I actually mailed a box of Ladurée Macarons back home. Let’s just say they didn’t get the exact experience as I did (being a week old). From then on, our adventure for the best tasting macaron began (we’ve tried more than a dozen places!) Since we are still looking for the perfect recipe to make for ourselves, in the meantime, Claude and I are tasting what the world has to offer, one macaron at a time.Basically, our criteria for a good macaron is when the meringue literally melts in your mouth and the ganache is at the perfect ratio. Let’s just say we’ve had a few where they were chewy and artificial tasting.  Few minutes from Rodeo Drive, Lette Macarons boasts that each of their macaron is hand-made daily at the Beverly Hills location by master pastry chef, Christophe Michalak. Collaborating with Paulette Koumetz, a gastronomy enthusiast, Lette promises their customers a new take on this famous French treat. The interior design is very contemporary, which adds a modern touch to these delightful treats. With the whole shop in the white palette, it allows the customers to be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colours and flavours of the macarons, making them the main focus of the store.

caribbean chocolate; sicilian pistachio; sweet wedding almond; earl grey tea; madagascar vanilla, passion fruit

Besides the classic flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio, they also have an abundance of speciality flavours that change according to the seasons. What I love about Lette is that the colour of the macaron actually reflects back to the specific flavour. Each macaron has its own personality and specialness. Once tasted, the flavours explode in our mouths! Honestly, it was just so much fun grabbing a piece from the box and screaming out the names of the flavours in our hotel room. Lette Macarons is by far the best macaron boutique we’ve come across! 
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Tse | Parfait
Lette Macarons
9466 Charleville Boulevard at Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212
t: +1.310.275.0023
$: $1.70 / macarons
minibox of 2: $4
giftbox of 6: $10.50 / 12: $19-50 / 24: $38 / 36: $59
order online: (pick-up in store)


      1. Ok so my bro got me a box of 12 and I had 5 this morning lol. The taste is very good but the texture was a little let down. A good macaron should be slight crispy, soft and a bit chewy all in one bite. I found the macaron shells themselves too soft with no chewiness at all. But with that said, they’re still very tasty of course 🙂

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