Anthropologie: Summer Fashion Show ’12

Hi everybody,
I’m really happy to be able to share this will all of you. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a chance to go to a summer fashion show hosted by Anthropologie at Shops at Don Mills. It was non-exclusive, fun, and intimate.
Unlike a typical fashion show, it had a variety of models ranging from different ages and body types, which allowed the customers to be able to see people, like themselves, wearing these summer pieces. What made it especially memorable was that all the models looked like they were having fun walking down the runway. It was such a great experience!
Styled by the store’s personal shopper Leila Hamdani, each outfit was so inspirational with the abundance of colours and textures. The whole show looked as if it was inspired by the store itself being surrounded by the clothes, the furniture, and the scent from the candles. It was the epitome of Anthropologie from the music to the classy refreshments available for guests.
After the show everyone was free to shop around. I even got some bold coloured jewelry that I’m really excited to pull out this summer!
Hope you enjoy these photos of some of the key pieces that I really liked from the show. Let me know what you think! ** click on the photos for the photo gallery **
Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
Tse | Parfait


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