Skulls & Bows

Hi everyone,

I promise these photos will be the last time you’ll see leather jackets and scarves because I can start to feel the summer weather creeping right around the corner. I can’t wait to take out those bold coloured dresses, pastel skirts, floral tank tops, denim shorts, and jeweled sandals.
As for now, a little skull can’t hurt. Ah…McQueen scarves. There is something so edgy yet so feminine about them. It’s love. Actually love might be understating it. More obsessed. If I pass by the glass cases in the department stores and they happen to be carrying a new colour for the new season, I cannot resist but throw it around my neck. Though of course, I have to slap myself back into reality and say I do not need another one.

Black patent flats. A staple. Can pair them with fun dresses, jeans, trousers…just about anything!

Thanks for reading!
Till next time,

.: Outfit :.
Jacket: Mackage for Aritzia
Top: Talula Babaton
Bottoms: Wilfred
Shoes: Prada (similar here)
Clutch: Michael Kors
Accessories: Scarf: Alexander McQueen / Ring: Tous (similar here)


  1. Super cute outfit! Oh, god, I need a McQueen scarf in my life. But I’m so careless with my accessories that I know I will somehow end up ruining a $500 scarf. 😦

    I totally bought a Mackage jacket at Aritzia on impulse last year but ended up returning it later that day because I couldn’t justify a $600 leather jacket at that point. I will get one eventually, though, ’cause they are gorgeous! I do have two Mackage winter coats, though, and my reasoning on being able to spend so much on those are, “Well, Canada’s cold… cost per use will be low!” 😛

    I don’t know how I can justify spending $40 on a lipstick, but not $600 on a well-made jacket…

  2. My friends tell me that I can be your best friend and your worst friend when it comes to shopping because I can somehow justify almost anything. =S
    Leather jacket justification: a classic staple jacket for the spring and fall season. They are a great piece to keep you warm and to make any outfit complete without covering up what you’re wearing like with a big jacket.

    As for the McQueen scarf…I am just as careless with scarves. Ask my friends and family. So I have made it a habit to put it in my purse when it’s time to sit down at a restaurant to avoid any “surprises.” Plus, it’s a classic, so it’s an investment! =)

    Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. Love your McQueen scarf & your pants are absolutely AMAZING! Love how you pulled this whole look together! I’m a huge McQueen fan myself! 😉


  4. Hey there- wanted to let you know about my pink bike that you asked about on my blog! 🙂 All of the ones I wanted were really expensive, so my husband actually bought me a cheap beach cruiser off craigslist for $60 and spray painted it pink for me! I added the HK bell and pink handle bars & basket myself. I also bought HK fabric and made a liner for the basket (though it’s currently with my mother-in-law so she can sew it up a bit). It’s a great way to have a custom made HK bike without the $500 pricetag! Hope that helps! 😉

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