One of a Kind: ONE Hazelton Restaurant, Toronto

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve done a food post. Hopefully this restaurant recommendation is worth the wait though!
A friend of my parents’ food blog, Food Lover 360, recommended this classy restaurant awhile back. Opened by one of Toronto’s super star chefs, Mark McEwan and the McEwan Group, this restaurant has been on our bucket list for quite some time. So when the opportunity came, we set all studying appointments, and took Mama Tse out for lunch for quite the overdue birthday celebration.
Housed by Toronto’s 5-star The Hazelton Hotel, One is a European restaurant of French and Italian cuisine using fresh Ontario produce. In the winter, this restaurant is like a hole in the wall because you can literally walk past it not knowing there is a restaurant in this hotel with the exception in the summer. They have an amazing street level patio where people can eat, relax and watch people come in and out of Yorkville’s quaint boutiques, cafés, and other restaurants.

Designed by well-known duo George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, the interior design is chic, modern, and clever. On the left side of the restaurant, there is a private room with rotating wooden panels. When the room is not being used, the four screens are slightly opened ajar giving guests a glimpse inside. When being used, the panels close and give the occupants some privacy. A nice aesthetic touch. Boasting for using high quality materials for their designs, the food did not disappoint.

appetizer: yellowfin tuna sashimi with yuzu dressing, coriander and jalapeno

Seafood is perfect for lunch when you don’t want something too heavy that can weigh you down whilst shopping later. Each dish bursted with flavours and were all well presented. To me, if we’re paying more, we expect presentation. Plus, it’s just makes the pictures so much prettier to look at.

appetizer: steak tartare with herb salad and crostini

I know some people may be skeptical about steak tartare. I love the idea of pairing the raw beef with the toasted crostini . It’s one of my favourite appetizers to order because it’s just so French and it’s such a nice light start to the meal.

entrée: roasted shrimp with soba noodles, edamame, tofu, mushroom, and soy shellfish broth

The roasted shrimp came with soba, which was a refreshing entrée. A nice Western twist to my usual soba at Japanese restaurants.

entrée: grilled octopus with stewed tomato, white beans, chorizo, chili, and pepper relish

The octopus was my least favourite. Possibly because I am not a big fan of beans. But the octopus was nice and tender.

entrée: alaskan black cod with miso, spiced rice cake, broccoli, and butter sauce

The black cod with spiced rice cakes was delicious. Perfectly prepared, the fish was smooth and flavourful.

dessert: panna cotta with rhubarb coulis and meringue bits

The panna cotta is one of our favourite desserts to order. We’ve had some pretty amazing ones in the past. I think the most memorable was in Hong Kong at a Japanese fusion restaurant where they used creamy Hokkaido milk. The panna cotta was a nice sweet ending, but the rhubarb coulis was a tad too sweet for my liking. The little meringue bits were delightful though!
Overall, I found the dining experience impeccable. Perfect for little intimate gatherings with friends for lunch or with that special someone for dinner for a special occasion.
Till next time,
116 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON
t: 416.961.9600
$: $$$$


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