Spring Forward

Hi everyone,

Some wacky weather we’ve got going on over here. One week I am sporting jean shorts, next week I’m bundled up in grandpa sweaters!
Although short, spring is an awesome season. We’re all anticipating for that warm weather, but at the same time we can wear our winter pieces just a tad longer. I guess it’s really all about mixing up your pieces.
Since it can still be chilly, the key is to layer layer layer! But I got to be careful when it comes to layering because it’s very easy to look bulky. So what to do? I learned to start with something light underneath and then layer a knit sweater over that. If it’s not warm enough, I would throw on a chunkier sweater on top. Note to self: Do not go more than 3 layers. Even if you start with a thin piece, 3+ layers = bulkiness! So here I started with a thin silk blouse, and wanting something less formal and warmer, I opted for my grandpa-esque cashmere sweater.
I always loved coloured jeans and admired those who could pull off the bright spring colours. Just a side note, I was never a jean person and if I did need to go jean shopping, I get very picky. I also only stuck to the traditional blue jeans because it just works with everything. But then I found these dark forest-y green skinny jeans. I just love how it’s a subtle tint of green and super uber comfy. At first I was scared that they will be hard to match, but I find them very versatile since majority of my tops do range from a limited colour spectrum of white to cream. (I really need to branch out to some bright coloured tops!)
Transitioning away from the dark winter colours, this vibrant green stoned ring is a perfect taste of spring!
Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
.: Outfit :.
Sweater: Talula (old)
Top: Club Monaco
Bottoms: Rag & Bone
Shoes: Holding Horses
Accessories: Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies /
Anthropologie ring & bracelets / Michael Kors watch (old)


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