Forever Young

Hi everyone,

It’s finally spring and I just love how it actually feels like it with the clear blue skies and the warm sunlight shining on my face. Now if only it gives me the will-power to do my work…
Since this is my first ever fashion post, what’s my style motto? Like my sister, I love being comfortable. Because when you feel comfortable, you feel confident. And honestly, what accessory is better than confidence? But I am not going to lie. I guess I fall under my sister’s category of the “average” girl, minus the make-up. I love to dress up, I love clothes, I love shopping. You know, typical girl stuff.  But I am no “fashionista.” Still experimenting and finding what works. It’s all still a learning process to me.
This was my birthday outfit for that dessert afternoon with friends at Spin. The weather was cold and rainy leading up to this day, but when the big day came, the weather did not disappoint. Sunshine all day long! My pretty photographer of the day and I decided to go walk down by the lakeshore to work off that crêpe and cheesecake. Even though it ended up being cooler and windier, we had lots of fun running around in the sun taking photos.
Since it was just an afternoon with friends, I opted for some simple basics with a punch of colour here and some juxtaposition there.

Seeing that it was not super warm, I went with this cropped jacket. It kind of reminds me of Chanel’s little black jacket but with a bit more of an edgy feel to it with the asymmetrical placing of the zipper. And as for underneath, instead of going with a basic white T, I juxtaposed it with a bit of lace.

To celebrate the sunshine and the 20s, I decided to take out my vintage Ray Ban sunnies that were once my mum’s when she wore them when she was around the same age.
Thanks for reading!
Till next time,
.: Outfit :.
Jacket: A Moveable Feast
Top: Stitch & Knot
Bottom: J Brand Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Michael Kors Nude Pumps
Wallet: Prada 
Accessories: Anthropologie bracelet & ring /
Ray Ban sunglasses (vintage)  / Michael Kors watch (old)


  1. I love your honesty about still figuring out your style. You could of fooled me with the outfit you put together, the lace top really gave it a feminine touch, and you really scored with your mum’s sunglasses!

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