Table for 19: Spin Dessert Café

Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this blog. Don’t worry…we promise we’ll be better!

Since we haven’t done a food post yet, I’m really excited to recommend this place to all of you!
So a few days ago I celebrated my birthday at a dessert café. Was in dire need of dessert because I’ve been so swamped with essays, essays, and more essays!
But before I get started, there are three facts that one should know about my relationship with this particular food group.
  • Fact: i love dessert
  • Fact #2: i don’t eat it often.
  • Fact #3: when i do, i go all out and look back w/ no regrets

Knowing my friends were also busy with school, I opted for a nice laid back afternoon with a group of friends to go to the recently opened dessert café near my place. It’s called Spin Dessert Café and they have a couple of franchises opened in Toronto, and a few opening up in the Greater Toronto Area.

Looking at their extensive (pink!) menu, they offer a variety of food: dessert, breakfast, lunch, and drinks. I believe they are most well known for their crêpes and waffles, and their assortment of delicious looking cakes brought in from the Cheesecake Factory too!
One thing I especially liked about their menu is that they offer monthly specials. Since this month is March, many of their specials were related to St. Patty’s Day, which means lots of irish cream related desserts!
Service was amazing: patient and efficient. I am not going to lie, but I was a tad nervous not knowing how they were going to prepare 19 desserts without having anyone to wait. But they did not disappoint! Spin really takes the time to make sure their customers are well taken care of. Especially saw this when a few of my friends wanted to have a crepe with a particular ice-cream but minus this and minus that, but then replaced with this with that. Confusing? Imagine the one writing it down! I’ve seen waitresses look really annoyed, but not with her! But who can really blame us girls? We just want to have the perfect dessert experience.
As for the layout of the café, I really enjoyed their open kitchen concept where customers can admire their crêpes being made. I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I just loved watching my food being prepared, especially when it came to yummy crêpes.
Prior to this time, I have been there once for lunch and tried their February special: chicken asparagus crêpe. What? Chicken, Asparagus, Mozzarella Cheese all in one crêpe? I know many people are skeptical about savoury crêpes, but they are absolutely amazing! Think of them like quesadillas, but better! But only if you’re into quesadillas like me.

chicken pesto: chicken w/ pesto sauce, mushrooms, spinach, lightly melted cheese

Since it was a dessert outing, I didn’t turn to the lunch menu, and went straight to the crêpe and waffle section. Remember how I told you the menu was extensive, well…the crêpe and waffle section was super overwhelming! There were so many options and each one has their own creative name. I was torn between three: Sugar Sugar (cake batter themed) ; Black or White (oreo themed) ; and So Much To Say (hazelnut themed). In the end, I decided to indulge in their Sugar Sugar because it was their homemade cake batter cookie dough ice cream topped with chunks of brownies and homemade chocolate chip cookie dough bits with the side of hot fudge. Absolutely loved how big the ice cream scoop was in my crêpe. It was so filling, but it was too delicious to waste a single bite. This birthday girl was super satisfied. It was worth every penny! =)

sugar sugar: cake batter cookie dough ice-cream; brownies; spin-made cookie dough pieces; hot fudge sauce
Having Spin being so close to my house is going to be such an advantage when I am in need for my dose of sweetness! I definitely recommend Spin for any occasion: a date, catching up with friends, or a mini dessert party. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!
Till next time,
1060 The Queensway, Toronto, ON

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